France will destroy 10 million liters of beer from COVID-19

The Association of brewers of France is forced to destroy 10 million liters of beer in connection with the closing of cafes, restaurants and pubs of coronavirus COVID-19. About it reports Le parisien.

Elimination will produce, since the shelf life of the drink at the end to keep the beer makes no sense. The destruction of these products will cost a significant amount to companies.

“The sharp closing of cafes, restaurants, bus stop and tourist activities, and cancel all festivals and events has led to the fact that more than 10 million liters of beer was not in demand”, – said in the Association.

According to them, about 70% of the Breweries in France reported a reduction of at least half of the turnover since mid-March.

The state of emergency imposed in France during the outbreak of coronavirus, has been extended until July 24. Earlier it was planned that it will last until may 11. After that date, as promised by the President and Emmanuel macron, was to begin “a new stage” – with the gradual opening of schools, colleges and businesses.

France ranks fifth in the world in the number of infected with the coronavirus (170 694) and deaths (25 538).

As of may 6 worldwide coronavirus has infected 3 721 779 people, according to Johns Hopkins University that tracks the spread of the disease. Victims COVID-19 260, 487, recovered 1 226 675 people.

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