France registered the lowest daily number of deaths from the coronavirus since the start of the quarantine

The number of deaths from coronavirus infection in France increased to 26 380, said the evening of 10 may, the Ministry of health of the country.

Thus, during the last day recorded 70 deaths. This is the lowest figure since March 17, when the country was introduced strict quarantine, said the radio station RFI.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, according to Ministry of health, 96 038 patients with coronavirus infection COVID-19 were hospitalized, 56, 217 of them have already been discharged home.

In the French hospitals remains 22 569 patients with COVID-19 (+253 hospitalized for the last day), 2776 of them are in intensive care.

The country’s Ministry of health does not publish data on the total number of French people who had confirmed a coronavirus. According to information of the American Johns Hopkins University that tracks the spread of the disease, the coronavirus was identified more than 177 thousand inhabitants of France. The country ranks sixth in the world in the number of infected and the fifth – the number of deaths.

On may 11 in France starts the easing of the quarantine. The country is divided into “green” and “red” departments depending on the epidemiological situation. The capital region Ile-de-France and another three regions have entered the “red” zone where there are tighter restrictions. In the whole country are opening stores, shops and hairdresser, told RFI. Closed remain the largest shopping centers in the capital region, bars, cafes, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, sports centers, major museums across the country. In addition, on may 11 has lifted the restrictions on leaving the house, but all travel at a distance greater than 100 km from the place of permanent residence are limited to the exigencies of the service or urgent family circumstances. The decision to open schools will make the municipal authorities.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in December 2019 in China. March 11, 2020, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

As at 11 may around the world, the coronavirus has infected 4.1 million people, reported Johns Hopkins University. More 282,7 thousand people have died and 1.4 million recovered.

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