Found around Stonehenge the mysterious ring of ancient ditches

British archaeologists made a discovery and at the same time admitted that he underestimated the potential of the ancient builders. The fact that all this time considered just the pits, pits in the ground or small ponds on the border of Stonehenge, has turned into a man-made mines of considerable dimensions. They form a ring that surrounds Woodhenge and closes on another historic object – the fence Larkhill.

Woodhenge is henjam, but instead of stones it was built of logs. This historical site, many believe, if not one with Stonehenge, which is only 3 km, then, at least, the brainchild of the same culture. If you look at a map of the location of open pits, they form a ring with a diameter of 2 km, the centre of which is Durrington-walls, the settlement of the builders of Stonehenge. Woodhenge is a little to the side, and the fence Larkhill just on the border of the circle, forming a kind of entrance gate to the complex.

Pit, which previously did not pay attention, after a detailed study with the help of geolocator and sampling were solid – diameter 10 m, depth 5 m. This is the pits or store something important – perhaps an armed ambushes or traps. Alas, the age of the finds of the order of 4500 years, during which time the pit long ago filled up with dirt and debris naturally. In addition, the part was damaged in modern times due to human activities. The scientists found a total of 20 holes, although calculations show that they should be many times more.

What this Yam ring – fencing system, signal lights or there was ceremonies, we are unlikely to already know. But it is obvious that they build them to people versed in mathematics and geometry, plus they had the tools and technology for such large-scale works. By the way, during the construction of Woodhenge also was dug deep mines – ancient builders were far more skilled than we think.

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