Formula 1: start not earlier than Jul racing without spectators and from 8 to 19 Grand Prix

If football and many other sports at least make plans, make schedules and are thinking of returning in may-June, the Formula 1 is hostage to the fact that races are held around the world, so you need to sit and wait for the pandemic will decline worldwide, not just in one country.

And f-1 sits and waits. The Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn in an interview with Sky Sports, has shared his opinion on what may be the season 2020.

When and where may begin the season

“If we manage to start in July, the season with 19 races possible. It will be hard, it will be the segments with three races in three weeks, but it is possible. Where to start? Our opinion is that the best option would be Europe. And it can be very closed Grand Prix”.

“F-1 can be closed. The team arrive in country, the teams travel to an indoor Park near the road, all tested and checked for coronavirus. No risks to others. And, of course, a race without fans. Not the best option, but I prefer racing without the fans, the General lack of races.”

On season and number of races

“8 of racing is the minimum that the championship was considered full. For carrying out the 8 steps to start you need the latest in October. And, of course, it is possible to stretch the season until January. It is discussed. As for the number of Grand Prix, their number varies between 8 and 19 depending on the circumstances.”

About the main problems

“Travel from country to country in the current environment will be one of the biggest challenges. You need to make a calendar so that he was grounded and real. It makes no sense to begin to immediately stop the season.”

“For the sake of solving problems with logistics can be a two-day Grand Prix, without Friday”.

About the situation in General

“We need to follow the directions of governments in each country. But it is obvious to me that sooner or later people need to get back to work. Question – when will it happen? If we wait for 100% it’s all settled, will be found the vaccine and vaccinated? But when that can actually happen? I think at some stage we need to get back to work, but, of course, with all possible precautions”.

“We understand that the current situation is a tragedy for many people families. It’s a disaster. But there is also the economic factor, and should seek a balance to gradually return to normal operation. And if to speak about Formula 1, the sport provides jobs for thousands and thousands of people. And if f-1 will go bankrupt and disappear, all these people remain without work”.

“Besides, I think sports can be a positive factor in the current situation. Sport can entertain and lift the spirits and add positive emotions”.

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