Formula 1 quarantined: Ferrari signed Sainz, ricciardo went to McLaren

The season of Formula 1 in 2020 might not happen, but that does not stop teams to think about the future and to sign contracts. On Tuesday, Sebastian Vettel has announced his departure from Ferrari at the end of the year, and on Thursday, Ferrari had signed Carlos Sainz from McLaren (contract for 2 years with season-2021). In his place, the British team got Daniel ricciardo, who in December will leave Reno. Understand the reasons for such decisions.

Ferrari. The team selection for 2021 is not too large, and the decision had to be made now. Didn’t have time to think about Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Battese, so the real candidates were two Carlos Sainz and Daniel ricciardo. Ricciardo is definitely more experienced pilot, he has a victory and he knows how to work in a team focused on the highest results. But Daniel would be a very serious competitor for the first issue of the Ferrari of Charles LeClair. Riccardo 30 years, he has no time for games within the team and fight with a partner. Riccardo should get the car he took to LeClair as well as riders, for example, Mercedes. As the enemy. Ferrari don’t need it, and they chose more calm Sainz.

It is obvious that 25-year-old Spaniard, whose whole career ahead of him (but experience 102 Grand Prix f-1), comes to Ferrari as a second room and the assistant LeClair. But, firstly, such offers do not refuse, and secondly, in the first season from Carlos, rather, was to fight for the title (though the first Ferrari race car champion, will do) and get used to the team level. To get the first win, regularly call on the catwalks, and so on. In the first year of science to interfere with LeClair will not. But Ferrari can expect that errors that in the last 2 years regularly allowed Sebastian Vettel and lost points for the constructors ‘ championship, will be much less. Given the fact that the science in favour of McLaren, it focused not so much attention, but the Spaniard is cautious and stable racer. He never gets stuck in all sorts of stories and conflicts, but brings points. Last season he finished overall in 6th place, that is not the best among the top 3 teams (given the situation went Out and Albon). In General, the choice of a Ferrari can be called optimal. And the contract Sainz received only 2 seasons.

At Ferrari, of course, many years there are problems with the construction of a normal car, but decisions on the pilots guide, it seems, have learned to accept. First in time and correctly brought up young LeClair, then cleared erring Vettel and signed a young but already experienced Sainz. Now the team to provide its drivers a top car.

Carlos Sainz. Here everything is clear. Despite the fact that the pilot and McLaren has previously announced negotiations on a new contract, such options do not refuse. When you switch to Ferrari Sainz gains in status and money, but also already in 2021, to celebrate the first victory in Formula 1. About the championship early to say (remember that Ferrari has not won a title since 2008), but the prospects open before the pilot is good.

Vettel and Sainz.

McLaren and RichardO. Obviously, all these transitions were agreed. McLaren knew about the Ferrari interest to Science and immediately went to negotiate with Daniel ricciardo, whose contract with Renault expires at the end of 2020. Of course, the transition in the McLaren – this is not a transition in the Ferrari, but this is more promising than sitting in Reno. Two years after leaving the Red bulls (we assume and 2020) Daniel won, except that the money. While Max Verstappen was victorious and fought with the Mercedes and Ferrari, the Australian and Renault unsuccessfully battled with McLaren for 4th place of the Cup of designers. The status and capabilities of the factory-nothing yet Reno was not given, and the return of the French in f-1 successful now will not be called.

The McLaren at least have long-term plans. 2021 team returns to the cooperation with Mercedes – will buy the German engine manufacturer. In addition, McLaren has high hopes for the new technical regulations and a spending cap for all teams. The boss of McLaren Zach brown is confident that the limit will be introduced from 2021, and competent operation within the team in the foreseeable future will help the team to at least get back in the fight for podiums. And experience Ricardo here very useful. Still, the 20-year-old Lando Norris is not yet ready to lead the team, while ricciardo – most of the team that intends to return to tops. Still, it is doubtful that the 30-year-old driver in the coming years will be able to fight for the title, but the time Dani is there.

Norris and Ricardo.

The same Kimi Raikkonen or Lewis Hamilton show that, if desired, in Formula 1 you can stay on long term.

Reno. Perhaps most of all losing the French team. 2021 Renault remains Riccardo, and a young Estebana the Window. The team clearly needs an experienced rider but it is unlikely they will be able to draw Sebastian Vettel, who would rather finish my career than to wait for progress from Renault. Of course, the options will be enough, but the media are already talking about one very intriguing.

The Return Of Fernando Alonso. Two-time world champion in the composition of Reno continues to speak about wanting to return to f-1, but the return he wants in an adequate car. Fernando, like Vettel, is hardly an interesting fight for 4-5 places the Cup of designers, and top 10 overall.

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