Formula 1: Ferrari and Red bull vs McLaren at the question of the ceiling on expenses

The situation with the pandemic coronavirus hurt Formula 1, which until the end of July is unlikely to return to work. However, many in f-1 think that crisis is a window of opportunity for the series and a chance to make the necessary changes. Many people are tired of the dominance of the Mercedes, and even a potential fight for the title Ferrari and Red bull are not satisfied with f-1 in General. Director of the Ross brown recently said that he could not immediately recall when the last time the race was won by the pilot of the top 3 teams, and that’s a negative for the sport.

It is known that the new technical regulations due to coronavirus postponed at least 2022, so next season the cars will remain the same as now. But one important provision of the schedule, the teams agreed to use already in 2021. This is the introduction of the ceiling on expenses. Now no restrictions except their own finances, the teams do not have. If Mercedes and Ferrari can (and want) to spend 400 million euros per year – they do it. But Williams and other middle-outsiders mostly limited to 120-180 million. Have Red bull, for example, a budget of about 250-270 million a year.

It is important that all the team supported the idea of a spending limit to $ 175 million per year. The amount does not include the salaries of pilots, executives, and tools for the development of engines. Because the engines are among the teams develop only Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault (Honda supplier). But the coronavirus is different, and some of them proposed to further reduce the ceiling on expenses – up to 130-150 million, and the team McLaren suggested dropping so lower – just up to 100 million.

Many, especially medium and small team, it’s definitely support. They work with about these budgets, and big problems to invest in the expenditure ceiling for them will not. Mercedes while his position is not expressly stated, but Ferrari and Red bull against the ceiling 100, or 130 million. For making the final decisions need the agreement of all teams, and therefore with the discontented will have to negotiate.

However, the position of, for example, Ferrari, is clear. The Italian team not only develops the motor, but the chassis and the whole aerodynamic package. Working on this separate group of engineers, all very expensive. While other teams simply buy ready-made. The same Haas Alfa Romeo or buy a Ferrari engine and chassis, and part of the aerodynamic elements. But Williams and Force India to buy their Mercedes. Of course, buy ready much easier than to develop, test and make ready item.

“When discussing the expenditure ceiling should not forget that everyone has different situations and it is important to find a common solution for all. Do not forget that Ferrari, like other top teams, develops, manufactures, and independently virtually every element of the car. Other teams work differently, and they buy these items. You need to approach the issue calmly,” – said the boss of Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto.

The boss of McLaren Zac brown insists on lowering of the expenditure ceiling from $ 175 million, indicating that many simply will not survive the current crisis, especially if the season 2020 will be completely canceled and no prize from f-1 will not receive. In a Ferrari, while the proposed two-stage limit – the total for all teams (let’s say 150 million) and slightly more for factory (shareware 175).

Judging by the tone of statements of participants, f-1, you can be sure that they will be able to negotiate. For the fans is also important that the ceiling on expenditure in one form or another will be introduced in 2021. Not immediately, but such equalization of forces will lead to interesting situations. If all have about the same resources, then we really will be able to see enough to equal a Cup. For f-1 important big names, and many fear that a Ferrari or Mercedes can move into the shadows, but this is unlikely to happen. These teams have too much experience and longstanding experience, and the brand will still attract the best engineers, workers and pilots.

But the expenditure ceiling when used correctly, can return to the fight for the highest places McLaren and Renault, which is still a big fanbase. And don’t forget the Aston Martin. In 2021, the manufacturer returns to f-1 by purchasing a racing point, and the leadership team has big plans, so fans of f-1 should be happy that the idea of a ceiling on expenditures found a positive response from all teams.

It is expected that the final decision on the amount of the ceiling for the season-2021 will be made in the near future.

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