Formula-1 and the coronavirus: 10 cases will not stop the season

Formula 1 hopes to start the season 2020 in July, however, as in many other sports, the important issue is: what to do if someone gets sick with coronavirus?

The international Federation of motor racing sure that f-1 can guarantee the safety.

“The situation differs from the one that was in Melbourne when they canceled the race. Now we know far more about the coronavirus. Now we are able to defend themselves and to work in such an environment”.

“If, in the course of the season will be sick 1 or 10 – we are well able to continue working. We have prepared a special medical Protocol, you need at least to try to bring all this to life,” said the FIA.

However, the President of the FIA Jean Todt has stressed that the green light for the f-1 has not yet given officially, the season is not sanctioned.

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