Former press Secretary Navalny accused Venediktov in the harassment and not accepting his apology

Journalist Anna Veduta, who previously worked as press Secretary for opposition leader Alexei Navalny, said “Russian service Bi-Bi-si”that the chief editor of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov harassed her in 2012.

According to Veduta, the incident occurred after dinner, which was attended by fellow journalists and Navalny. Venediktov offered to deliver guests on the machine. Abouton claims that sat next to the chief editor of “Echo” in the back seat and at some point he “felt like he moved a little closer, hugged her and started touching knees, rising higher.”

Venediktov then allegedly went to see the Lead, they asked if anybody was home and tried to kiss her.

The journalist said that then decided not to tell anyone because “nothing fatal” did not happen and we had to maintain good relations with the Bulk station. But then, as said business is conducted, she tried not to stay alone with Venediktov.

Venediktov live on YouTube channel “echo of Moscow” said that he “has a different view of these events” and doesn’t even remember that they happened. “I could say: “wasn’t”, but I don’t remember, but that’s how it was – this just could not be. But, if Anna for eight years, it is scraping, if she feels uncomfortable with how she imagined it, before her I ‘m sorry” – said the chief editor of radio.

Veduta retorted on Twitter that “humiliating apology” is not accepted. “I’m not the first and not the last, such things happened to many, all was silent,” she wrote.

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