Former Butler to Princess Diana told why Prince Harry married Megan Markle

Many times compared the rebellious character of Meghan Markle with the character of Princess Diana. Find the similarities and former Butler to lady Di Paul Burrell. So, in a recent interview, he expressed his opinion about why Prince Harry immediately liked his future wife.

“He fell in love with Megan, and he married her because she looks a lot like Diana. They’re both women who will always stand up for what I believe in, and never give up the slack,” said he to the edition of Closer.

However, in the opinion of men, this does not mean that Megan and Diana would be best friends. “I think between them there could be differences. Just imagine: two strong, independent women with different views on some things between them were definitely there would be disputes”.

It seems to us that in many ways it is. What do you think?

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