Formant, the company offers everyone to take robops Spot for a walk

Robodog Spot company Boston Dynamics has gained worldwide fame due to its unique achievements – for example, assistance to physicians during the epidemic and working as a sheepherder. Now, thanks to the interactive connection and the company’s Formant (USA), any Internet user may, if desired, to walk with robocable, within their homes from anywhere in the world.

One of the first who managed to walk with the legendary Spot, became editor of CNET lexi Savvides. Armed with the usual joystick from a PlayStation that is connected to the laptop, she went for an unusual walk. At the same time, as recognized lexi, she had a feeling some anxiety, she trusted robot price of 75 thousand dollars. However, the fears proved groundless, as the Spot was able to perform independently the most complex tasks.

Sharing his impressions about his 45-minute walk, lexi Savvides noted that the picture of travel with robocom looked a little surreal and more like a game. Knowing full well that to control the robot will not only gamers, with the right skills, team Formant never lose your pet out of your sight. At any time, its specialists are ready to prevent emergency situation, connected with the desire of some users “polihachit”.

To walk with robopon, you must fill out a special form on the website and Formant to have a computer connected to the Internet. Even the lack of a gaming controller will not be a hindrance, but a test drive will be more fun.

The company is interested in attracting to testing a greater range of participants, including children.

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