“Forced people to pray and to read the “our father”. Russian journalist spoke about the detention in Minsk

In Minsk on 10 Aug detained the journalist of the edition Znak.com Nikita Telizhenko. He spent 16 hours at the Moscow district internal Affairs Department of Minsk, where he remained detained protesters, said in its report, published on the website Znak.com.

According to the journalist, he was detained, despite the fact that he was not a party to the protest, as reported by law enforcement agencies. He was brought into office and was led into the room where the floor was already lying people. Then the journalist and other detainees, too, were forced to lie face down those who raised his head, beaten.

According to Telizhenko, he heard the cries and screams of other detainees. When people became too many, they first tried to put the second layer on the already lying, but soon brought in benches and allowed to sit. To get out to the toilet, you had to raise your hand. Some law enforcement officers responded to the detainees “went under”.

About 2.00 brought new detainees, says the journalist. Police officers forced detainees to pray, to read the “our father”, and those who refused were beaten all the means at hand. At the same time, the journalist was heard in the street outside the precinct grenades explode.

According to him, none of the detainees were not allowed to call their family. In the morning in the police station came the boss and started to carry out the census. The journalist recalls that he saw one of the detainees was carried out on a stretcher. After that some of the detainees were put in a paddy wagon and transported to another location, continuing on the road to beat. The journalist doesn’t know exactly where he was, but one of the detainees told him that they are in a prison in Zhodzina.

After a while the journalist was released. He met the woman who was presented by the employee of the migration service of Belarus, she took him in Zhodzina and said that till 24.00 of the current day, he must leave the territory of the Republic. At that time it was already 22.30. At the time of publication the journalist had returned to Moscow.

From the 4th to the 8th of August took place in Belarus early voting for presidential elections and the August 9th primary. For President ran five candidates. According to preliminary data of the CEC, the most votes scored by the acting President Alexander Lukashenko (80,2%), second place went to the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovski of 9.9%. The other candidates received less than 2%. The CEC plans to announce final election results on August 14.

Elections were held in Belarus without independent international observers. After the polls closed on 9 August in several cities the protests began, which lasts to the present day. Protesters accuse the authorities of rigging the election. They gather in the evening to protest, and at night differ. To disperse the protesters, security forces used lethal weapons, in particular in Minsk they used stun grenades, rubber bullets and water cannons.

The shares are accompanied by clashes between protesters and police. The interior Ministry of Belarus said that during the protests on August 9 was arrested 3 thousand people, August 10 – 2 thousand., August 11 – more than 1 thousand, 12 August – around 700. Were charged with riots, disorderly conduct and resisting police.

According to official data, during clashes injured several hundred people, aware of two dead. The first man died on August 10 in Minsk. The press-Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus Olga Chemodanova reported that in the hand of the demonstrator detonated the explosive device. In the video, where, as expected, recorded the time of death of the man, the explosion is not visible. On the death of the second man became known on August 12. On 9 August he was detained in Homel. According to relatives, he became ill in a closed paddy wagon, which was heading to jail.

Foreign States and international organizations called on the Belarusian authorities to refrain from violence. Such statements, in particular, made USA, EU, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and others. In the US and the EU stated that the elections in Belarus were not free and democratic. According to media reports, in late August, the EU will consider sanctions against Belarus.

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said on August 12 that the United States may impose sanctions against Belarus or restrict the supply of American oil.

13 August it became known that the countries of the EU by the end of the month is also preparing to introduce sanctions against Belarus in connection with force the authorities to disperse the protesters.

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