For two days the world has identified almost 600 thousand patients with COVID-19

A day in the world revealed 289 321 new cases of coronavirus infection. About this show data from the world health organization (who), published 1 Aug.

A day earlier, who recorded the record for daily growth in patients with COVID-19 – they were 292 527.

Thus, for the last two days in the world was almost 600 thousand patients with coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the epidemic was confirmed by almost 17.4 million cases COVID-19.

On August 1 in the world died, according to who, 675 060 people with coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours – 6142 person.

The top ten countries with the highest number of confirmed cases COVID-19 changes – Iran ahead of the UK more than 1,000 cases, moved up to ninth place. The top three in the prevalence of coronavirus has not changed: the United States (nearly 4.5 million), Brazil (more than 2.61 million), India (nearly 1.7 million).

In Ukraine as of August 1, the number of cases COVID-19 is 71 056. 1709 patients died, 39 308 recovered.

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