For the sake of mating sea devils waived immunity and that puts scientists in a deadlock

Hundreds of years scientists have known about the unusual method of reproduction in fish squad utilstore or sea devils. Tiny and weak (1-2 cm in length) in the male meeting with female tightly cutting into her body, which then starts an amazing process, during which the male loses its organs, transformed into an appendage with the testes on the body of the female. For a long time scientists could not understand how this is even possible from the point of view of biology – a complete fusion of two different organisms?

On the one hand, we see an alternative form of sexual parasitism, which for wildlife is nothing new. On the other hand, it is a miracle that science can hardly explain. The merger of the male and female are combined circulatory and nervous system tissues become General, and the body of the female is actually getting a new body. And with no immune response faced by doctors when trying to transplant any parts of the bodies of living beings. How is that possible?

Long term study of the DNA of the sea devils showed that there are no number of important genes. In the body of this fish lacks antibody markers that detect other cells, it has no T-cells to kill infected cells, no antigens of histocompatibility. Together it looks like the sea devils in the course of evolution deliberately “shut off” your immune system that males can mate with females and become with them one.

But how can a living being to dispense with the immunity how it protects itself from diseases? Some scientists believe that the immune system in the sea devils is still there, but more complex and therefore, until then, still not detected. Others say that this discovery of a different kind – it is possible, evolution has learned to create entire species of living creatures that are easy to do at all without immunity. However, they can live in certain biomes fixed conditions.

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