Fly or not? Amiens and Toulouse will go down in the class, but that is incorrect

Detective story is emerging with the departure of the teams-outsiders, “Amiens” and “Toulouse”, French Ligue 1.

The decision of the French League on 30 April the season was completed ahead of schedule, PSG declared the champion, and these two clubs were to drop in class.

But then, on 9 June, the French Council of State cancelled the reduction in class “Toulouse” and “Amiens”, having considered the appeal. But the claim, “Lyon”, which demanded the resumption of the championship, were rejected.

Then the Board of Directors of the French League gathered on June 23 and again reviewed the situation related to the format of the League 1 next season. By vote it was decided that the championship with 22 more teams impossible, and “Toulouse” and “Amiens” still need to fly. France approved the format of the next season, which should play 20 teams.

However, both clubs do not lose hope to achieve in courts of review of the decision and are not going to accept a reduction in grade to League 2.

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