Fitness tracker Lumen promises to hack and optimize your metabolism

Two years ago, users have found Wellness startup Lumen so promising that we have collected for him on the service Indiegogo, more than $2.3 million is the time and the device enters the open market at a price of $299 per copy. Included are the detector, a charger and a smartphone app. Lumen requires no consumables for operation and can operate on a single charge for up to two weeks.

The principle of Lumen based on the analysis of CO2 in the exhalation of the user, from which you can extract information as to what extent spent body lately. Burned whether it is carbohydrates or took to process fats, as a lot of energy has been allocated, etc. On the basis of this is formed the current index of “metabolic flexibility” of the individual ability of his body to efficiently switch between energy sources depending on the problems that arise. The purpose of all users of the Lumen to increase this parameter, bringing the indicators to the recommended values.

Lumen – the unit of the individual, similar to a toothbrush, so before you need to work for a minimum of days to set your instance. The gadget will make different food to study the processing of different substances by your body, and will require you to perform a number of exercises. After drawing up your personal profile identifies bottlenecks and provides recommendations. It remains only to train and diet, tracking your performance using the device.

Testers noted the quick response on Lumen changes in the body – for example, in contrast to the weightings, there is any shift is visible after only a few minutes after a meal or exercise. For example, the device will tell you whether you have enough forces for the planned set of exercises or need to eat a little more for something high in calories. The gadget was originally made in the mobile version, comes with travel bag and is suitable for use in the gym and at home.

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