Figure as 20-year-old personal chef Naomi Campbell spoke about her unusual diet

In 50 years, supermodel Naomi Campbell remains in perfect shape and, as it turned out, it’s not just good genetics. The other day about how the star manages to maintain a slim figure, in an interview said her personal chef Sean John.

Jamaican cook has worked with Naomi for 10 years and notes that she is on strict diet. Campbell allows himself only one meal a day and adheres to adheres to the principles of Rastafari. This power system is popular in Jamaica, which prohibits the consumption of meat and salt. Also the emphasis here is on organic products.

“I was preparing for it for over 10 years. She has a personal state, but I cooked for her one good dish in it, super organic and really healthy,” said the chef.

He also said that their habits Naomi does not change even during flights and for travel she also prepares healthy meals.


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