FDA brewing scandal, Milevsky fuerit in the championship of Belarus

Your attention is a compilation of key news and materials on Sport.ua on Saturday, the 6th of June.

1. Gums scored twice for the miners, but were unable to avoid defeat. Team Luis Castro has taken another step towards the League title.

2. Undercover game. Column about the restart of the season. “Karpaty” in quarantine, “dawn” has not passed those tests, and the season in the First League again in question.

3. The brewing scandal. May 28, dawn did not PCR, as expected. The representative of the UAF Vyacheslav Popov notes that were made a test of immunoglobulin.

4. Dawn modestly beat spike and strengthened on the second line. The team of Ruslan Kostyshin seriously lagged behind competitors.

5. POVOROZNYK: “This has not happened! Say, plays the First League will not be”. 7 June in Lviv will be held the Congress and the meeting of the Executive Committee of the UAF.

6. VIDEO. Noyok scored, Milevsky made two assists. Ukrainians fuerat in Brest. See video how Brest “Dinamo” scored 6 goals in the gate “Minsk”.

7. Irisha BLOKHIN: “the transfer of the Olympics is a blow for the sporting world”. Moved and the European championship in Kiev.

8. “Killer” from South Africa told about the interest of Dynamo. Katleho of Mpala had an offer from the Ukrainian club, but the deal never took place.

9. Source: Lunin will be the second goalkeeper of real Madrid next season. Ukrainian goalkeeper will return to the club of Madrid.

10. Six goals in the match. Bayern defeated Leverkusen in a meaningful match. After the match Bayern strengthened its leading position in the Bundesliga.

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