FAS has sent the government proposals to support the production of cheap drugs

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has prepared and submitted to the government of the Russian Federation proposals on the support of the Russian manufacturers of medicines costing less than 100 rubles, said Deputy head of FAS Andrey tsarikovskiy.

“We represent some problem of the Russian manufacturers of cheap drugs, below $ 100. There are many problems, because sometimes it is simply not profitable to produce and trade in such drugs. We have sent the government a number of measures proposed for the conservation of just producers of cheap drugs”, – quotes RIA Novosti words Tsarikovsky.

Previously, the Agency stated that the proposed FAS approach will reduce the risk of care essential medicines of the lower price segment of the market that will ensure their availability for the population. In the FAS noted that this issue was long overdue and is systemic.

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