Fans of West ham: “Hey, you Scottish bastard. Yarmolenko should play!”

In the match of the 31st round of the championship of England “Tottenham” beat “West ham United” with the score 2:0. Ukrainian forward “hammers” Andriy Yarmolenko entire game spent on the bench. Immediately after the match, fans club on Twitter mercilessly criticized David Moyes:

Andrew Kane: Everything goes to the fact that we are waiting for the most ridiculous reduction in grade. The new stadium, ridiculous amounts on transfers and salaries to players for what? In order then to go to play Rotherham? This club is really disgusting. We are the new Sunderland.

Zayd: Wilshire and Yarmolenko had to play and not Anderson and Lancini, you Scottish bastard.

Johnatan Ewans: we Need to sack Moyes and appoint Allardyce. Seriously. Or we will fly. It’s our only hope. At least we’ll have a organization. Now the team has no game plan.

Tommy Kilcast: We will not be able to develop as a club if we have the worst infrastructure in the EPL. Two standard training field… advice that does not want to put money into the development of the club, makes us see that such performance of the team. Changes should concern not only the first team but the whole club.

PΞ△: Hell, let’s just sack Moyes and make the last roll of the dice. Anyone who thinks that Farnals better than Anderson, Yarmolenko and Lancini clearly lost consciousness. Noble all. Fredericks is the most suicidal player I have ever seen.

Ray Coster: We’re a terrible football team in every way and was such for many years. “West ham” isn’t good enough to compete in EPL. We are definitely waiting for the fall. To be honest, we fully deserve this season.

Josef Bennett: Mess! Players have no desire to fight, and the coach has no clue what to do. In all matches, “West ham”, under the guidance of Moyes I was trying to understand his tactics. And I realized in every game he’s just hoping not to lose. Funny coach, funny club.

Mark Fletcher: I Want my money back for a ticket for home games next season. Monday I will call the club and to raise this issue. Can no longer watch this crappy show.

Kris Johnson: No game plan, our best midfielder playing defense. Watched all these 90 minutes. It was disgusting to observe the constant desire of Anderson to overdo the ball. Creswell well enough. Diop and Fredericks as usually fell out of the game. A reduction in grade is close.

Randy Von: unfortunately, we are doomed. The owners of the club and coaches are completely missing the ambitions. “West ham” is in a terrible state. Four generations of my family were fans of “hammers”. Sad.

Ricky Forrest: Never need to invite a coach for the second time. He just cannot motivate the players to fight for him. Moyes needs to be fired right now, and then we will have a chance for salvation. Moyes has no idea on how to change the game in terms of tactics.

Chris Hills: We are doomed and deserve it. If our game plan is to just slow down the other teams, then how will we score points? Need to move away from this ridiculous tactics and not rely on what “Aston Villa” and “Bournemouth” will be worse than we are.

George Poynter: let Yarmolenko and Yeti. We need a striker on the field.

Airbag: what Moyes is a bad Manager, was evident in his work in previous clubs. “West ham” depends on the performances of other teams. Even if we go off, Moyes should not stay. Despite the large fan base, the team blows chunks. We may repeat the fate of “Leeds”.

Chris Laing: Anderson, Yarmolenko and Lanzini replaced.

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