Family from China after 32 years of searching, found the stolen son

A couple from China found his son, Mao Yin, which in 1988 at the age of two was kidnapped by unknown. About it reports BBC.

According to TV channel, Mao Yin was kidnapped in October 1988, father Mao Shengjin picked him up from kindergarten and stopped at the entrance to the hotel to take son water. Two-year-old boy disappeared the moment he turned away, to cool hot water.

Parents Mao Yin was looking for it all over the country. Mother Lee Cinji, in particular, left work to devote himself to the search of his son. She has appeared on various television shows in China, asking for help in finding Mao Yin, distributed more than 100 thousand leaflets. Also, If Tsinija joined the volunteer movement and helped to reunite families 29.

In April 2020, Chinese police received information about 34-year-old man, who’s description was similar to Mao Yin. A DNA test confirmed that he is the son of Mao Shengjin and Cinji. The results parents were told may 10 – mother’s Day.

Although the parents found her son, the investigation into his disappearance in 1988 and is still ongoing. While only know that it was sold for 6 million yuan (us$840) childless families.

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