Facebook will pay $52 million in compensation to the moderators for psychological trauma

The company Facebook has decided to allocate $52 million current and former moderators, to compensate them for the mental health problems encountered at work. On 12 may, writes The Verge.

Each moderator will receive a minimum of $1 million are entitled to additional compensation if he has been diagnosed with PTSD.

The decision of the company covers 11 250 moderators, and lawyers believe that about half of them may be entitled to additional compensation. The amount that the moderator will get on top of the initial $1 million will depend on their diagnosis. Anyone with diagnosed mental illness are entitled to additional $1500, and people with multiple diagnoses, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, may be entitled to a payment of up to $6 million, the newspaper notes.

In addition to paying for the treatment, the moderators with the appropriate diagnosis will have the right to present evidence of other injuries which they suffered during their time in Facebook, and can get up to $50 thousand as compensation.

In Facebook also agreed to change the tools of content moderation. Employees will be able to turn off the sound and change color images to black and white. These functions to the end of the year will receive 80% of the moderators, and in 2021 they will appear at all.

In September 2018 The New York Times reported that a former moderator Facebook Selena Scola sued the company, claiming she developed PTSD after she was appointed to the position, which required her to regularly view photos of rape, murder and suicide. Disease in women revealed after nine months of work.

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