Expert: the presence of CVD causes more severe COVID-19

Hypertension and diabetes were the most frequent concomitant diseases in patients hospitalized for coronavirus infection, said the head of the Department of cardiology SMRC them. Almazov, Svetlana Villevalde at a press event on the launch of the online-test “Measure of the age of your heart!”.

As expert said, currently, there are no convincing data about a higher risk of infection COVID-19 individuals with cardiovascular disease, but this group of patients are at increased risk of severe coronavirus infection and deaths. And the probability of more severe higher in the presence of more severe cardiovascular disease or in combination of several risk factors and diseases.

According to collected at the moment the statistics, 95% of all deaths in the result of coronavirus infection had at least one concomitant disease, with 65% of deaths were cardiovascular disease. It should be noted that overall mortality COVID-19 is about 2%, and in patients with arterial hypertension and CVD is increased up to 6% and 10% respectively.

Among the risk factors of severe coronavirus infection in addition to the presence of hypertension, CVD or diabetes were male gender and age older than 60 years. The likelihood of complications is also affected by the presence of obesity, chronic diseases of the lungs and kidneys, and cancer and immunosuppressive state.

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