Ex-Prime Minister of Moldova Sandu: it was Necessary to save the country from Plahotniuc. He created a criminal syndicate, the grey zone of lawlessness, corruption and smuggling

Suspension from participation in active political life of Moldova businessman, head of the Democratic party Vladimir Plahotniuc in 2019 was a necessary measure, said in interview to the edition “GORDON” the leader of the party “Action and solidarity”, former Prime Minister of Moldova, Maia Sandu.

“And then, in June 2019, and now believe we did the right thing, it was necessary to save and to cleanse the country from Plahotniuc. He usurped power, destroyed the rule of law institutions, set up in Moldova criminal syndicate, the grey zone of lawlessness, corruption and smuggling. The situation was very difficult,” she said.

According to Sandu, the Pro-Western forces are understood the risk of a coalition with the Pro-Russian President of Moldova Igor Dodon and his Party of socialists.

“We could not simultaneously fight and Plahotniuc, with the Dodon. Now I struggle with the latter because he’s trying to do the same thing and plahotniuc. While we have some freedom in comparison with what it was a year ago, when everyone in Moldova ran plahotniuc. However, the main threat will not go away, we know we have to rid the country of Dodona, which is totally controlled by the Kremlin,” – said the ex-Premier.

Plahotniuc tried to use Dodon in his negotiations with the West by blackmailing the coming to power of Pro-Kremlin forces, but it was a lie and the game, says Sandu.

“Corruption and corrupt politicians so destroying the government from within, which is a partial loss of sovereignty and the country begin to monitor the outside third countries. Because of this we struggled with Plahotniuc and received the support of the West. Our international partners had no illusions about Dodon, they knew who it was, knew the risks”, she added.

Ex-Prime Minister of Moldova Sandu: Donbass as Transnistria, try to use for the conversion of Ukraine and Moldova as a state with limited sovereignty. Full text of the interview

June 14, 2019 Democratic party of Moldova has renounced power, and the government Pavel Filip, resigned in full force. Plahotniuc said on 24 June that leaves from a post of the Chairman of the democratic party and will not run for party positions at the next Congress.

This was preceded by talks with the participation of special representatives of the European Union, USA and Russia, which were designed to put an end to the crisis of dual power that arose after the parliamentary elections.

In the Democratic party said that the politician had left the country – went to the family. He announced plans to return home and fight in opposition to “restore stability to the country”. On 29 October he was declared wanted.

Mestorozhdenie Plahotniuc is not yet established. Agency Agora wrote that one of the richest citizens of Moldova can be in the US, UK or Romania.

The leader of the Pro-European party “Action and solidarity” Sandu was the head of the government of Moldova from June 8 till 12 Nov 2019.

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