Eugene NIKOLAEV: “We could win the gold medal”

In season 2019-2020 multiple champion of Ukraine volleyball team yuzhnensky “Chemist” showed high results. They won the Cup and the super Cup and for the first time in the history of the Ukrainian women’s volleyball was able to get into the group stage of the most prestigious European club tournament the Champions League.

Sought to “Chemist” and to the tenth time in a row to climb to the highest step of the podium in the women’s super League, but the championship of Ukraine was stopped prematurely due to pandemic coronavirus without awarding medals.

According to the head coach of the southern Eugene Nikolaev, to win the championship his team was quite real, especially after the “Chemist” has hardened in the Champions League and won the key duels in two national tournaments.

Also, the coach Evgeny Nikolayev gave an assessment of the game players of his team last season.

Daria Stepanovskiy
– A steady reliable player, in the difficult moments of their game proved that not in vain for many years advocated a “Chemist”. Daria is the core of a team that is at a good level, and performs a game function, and will always find the right words as the team captain. It cements the team, one who supports the microclimate at the proper level. Do not forget that, as a player, she helped the team to reach the group stage of the Champions League.

Julia Boyko
– Despite his youth, became a full-fledged leader of the team. Had a good season, although not without setbacks. In the Champions League took third place in the list of snipers of the competition, spending a bit more matches than their competitors. Overall, the competition was at altitude. In particular, in the qualification matches, where the fate of the permit in group tournament. In the Final four of the Cup of Ukraine passed the reception, gave the attack, having played with a minimum of errors. Season can be record into an asset.

Olga Skrypak
Olga was definitely the leader of the team. The player, without which it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the successes we achieved last season. Especially considering the importance of the position she plays. Thank you for being with us in this historic for “Chemist” season. If during the season she was given the opportunity of free play, of course, within certain limits, we turn to the “Final four” of the Cup of Ukraine has configured it for another game – a game that was need to clinch the trophy. I think she took another look at himself after this tournament.

Ekaterina Frolova
– Player demanding from themselves and from others players maximum impact and in official matches, and in the training process. Came after a serious injury. May be was not sure that I will return to the previous level, but our confidence in it as a player, her desire to be a leader, our ability to restore health allowed her to become one of the leading players on the team. There are some problematic moments in the game, and we are working on them.

Tatiana Kozlova
Tatiana returned to the “Chemist” after three years of speech in Turkey. Our expectations were justified with a vengeance. We took her as a team leader, as a player with experience playing in the Champions League, which in difficult moments drags. Thank you that were with us last season.

Oksana Yakovchuk
– Oksana, in my opinion, was revealed in full. It was planned that will close the vacant job in the fourth area, sharing in the ratio 50: 50 this position with Tatyana Kozlova. But not all of them were successful as we would like. However, Oksana was very helpful in terms of rotation, giving rest to Tatyana Kozlova and Julia Boyko before the games of the Eurocup.

Eugene Hober
– Expected more progress from her. It may be better to play, it has good potential, as evidenced by her play in several matches. In the power of youth, and consequent lack of experience, not so quickly adds as we would like. However, the same Dudnik and Karpets started to give the game to 20-21 years old, Eugene in January was only 19. In the near future we expect a player who will give the best result.

Anna Kirichenko
– Anna is our success. Coming in January, it added stability on the position of the diagonal. Played a major role in the conquest of the Cup of Ukraine.

Kez Brown
We wanted to see such a player early in the season, but only got in the middle. What Kez played for us, we don’t regret. A positive person, a player who proved himself in “the Chemist” at the appropriate level, as evidenced by her performance in the Ukrainian Cup.

Daria Welykochy
– Last season, spent ninety percent of games on the national scene, often starting in the starting lineup. I would like to progress faster as a binder. Perhaps her performance was affected by the fact that during the preparation of “Chemist” for the season was in the national team, why not always have enough understanding on the court. I want to see Daria’s greater dedication in the protective action.
In General, I can say that last season we spent a large amount of work with a binder.

Yulia Mykytyuk, Anastasia Mayevskaya
– These young middle blocker changed each other at a position in zone three. None of them has become a major player, but at the same time, they spent ninety percent of games on the national scene. Of course, I want more progress. Last season I would have rated a C-plus on a scale, as was as bright of the game, and frankly a failure. I hope that in the future will be faster progress.

Christina Nemtseva
At her game last season, is likely to impact trauma in the national team in preparation for the Euro. Maybe she psychologically broke her. Trauma somewhere it kept the action on the court, not given the opportunity to play freely, particularly in European matches. I think that in the near future it will be competitive in the fight for getting into the main squad.

Anita Singh
In those games, which came on the ground, stars in the sky are not enough, but he could, helped the team. She, of course, there is room for growth. We hope for serious progress in the next season.

– With this team, with this performance the team showed in the key games of the season, we had to win its tenth championship, – concluded Evgeny Nikolaev.

According to the materials of VC Khimik

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