Eugene HABER: “we Have to work, to grow and to justify the coach’s trust”

For the diagonal yuzhnensky “Chemist” began Hober, which in March was 19 years old, last season will surely remember for a long time. The coaching staff gave the girl a big credit of trust – she has stepped into the starting lineup in thirty games, including group stage of the Champions League. According to the coach of the team Evgeny Nikolaev, Eugenia had expected more progress because it has potential. The player evaluates the past season and also most exciting moments and future plans in this interview.

– The most memorable in the last season, of course, the Champions League. Especially the home game with “Novaray”, where I was entrusted a place in the starting lineup and I eventually played the whole match. This game I will never forget, it was my first such experience in the international arena.

– What was it like to go to the site in a full stadium against the winner of the Champions League?
– Very exciting. But we played in his room, with the support of the home fans. It gave confidence and allowed more or less to cope with this condition and, as a consequence, their duties. In the second half, in General, was calm and felt great.

– Expected to be released in the “start”?
– Say, did not rule out such an option, as we have a large selection of corner forwards. Was hoping the coach would fall on me.

– Did you manage to convert their chances?
– Of course, I would like to play better. Pleased that the unit was only twice were able to trace, though, of course, scored a bit. Overall, I feel confident feel in competition with players of high class. Saw that with them you can actually fight.

– How would you rate, overall, last season?
– Can play better, wanted to prove himself. Draw conclusions, I will work on deficiencies to the next season bring the team more good.

– Last season you were involved as a diagonal, previously played in “two” and “four”. Where are you personally more comfortable to perform?
The coaching staff know better what I use. Before getting into the “Chemist” I played the position of dogroses and looked more confident in that position. However, after last season when almost the whole season played in the “poor” feeling, of course, has changed.

– One of the first matches of the season was the Champions League game in Zagreb. It was the first match at this level for you, and probably he remained in the memory…
– Of course. But I can’t say that on the positive side. Jitters was still the same. And the atmosphere pressure, and level of responsibility, and the replacement came when the team, not all evolved. Of course, from the start to get easier. In General, the “Mladost” felt very confident before we can show our best qualities. However, the house we proved stronger in this pair all the same “Chemist”.
But the more I remember the home match with “Olomouc”. First of all, the atmosphere in the hall. First time in my memory there were so many people. Emotions are inexpressible, even despite the fact that I didn’t have to go to the Playground. To win such games is well worth it.

In the first match of group tournament of the Champions League had a chance to play in Italy, which is considered the Mecca of volleyball, and against the winner of the Champions League in the face of “Novara”. What are your impressions of the trip to the Apennines?
– Well, first of all, it’s a great experience to play with such a team in such a cool room in such an atmosphere. It is a pity that not managed to achieve a positive result, but I think we put on a good show, just “Novara” was stronger.
If to speak about individual players, I remember almost everything, but especially the diagonal Jovan Rakocevic, and most of all her attack “2 on 2”, which is impossible in the protection to get. Also don’t forget the game Alice vasyleva and Stefana Veljkovic. Liked the emotion with which they play, and especially technique, flow. In the South I had to take Brakocevic. It was a very difficult flow, but I still accepted, although not “5”. Here’s a small victory that make up the skill.

And over the more you work individually?
– On the technique of kick, a lot of work on his serve, what you probably paid attention this season. Never served in the military style, but the coach said: “we Need to expand the Arsenal.” Working on it. Training is confidently submitted, but in the game the first time did not work, only later more or less stabilized. But, of course, is over what to work.

– In the Final four of Ukrainian Cup you play had no chance. But I’m sure you have, this tournament has left vivid memories. Right?
– Yeah… Especially the semi-finals. And different after all, and could not be. Incredible match, incredible emotions. And our fans are just the bomb. I personally have only heard of them. That match will never forget. It was a pleasure to watch him, to see the incredible struggle, the character of our girls and of course the victory. You have no idea what we felt at the moment of victory in the semifinals. Then another moved away from these emotions half a day (laughs).

– Midnight – you wanted to say…
Yes. Exactly. But, nevertheless, the girls came out and won the “Galychanka”, although it was very hard both physically and mentally. And then began preparations for the finals of the championship of Ukraine, where we were determined to win the tenth title. Sorry I didn’t manage to finish the season, to bring it to its logical conclusion.

So, let’s summarize the past season.
– First, I want to thank the coach that trusted me so much time on the court. I will try and work to grow professionally in the next season to fully justify that trust. I want to stake a claim for a place in the first team. It’s my job max. The minimum objective – to help the team when I go to replace it.

– Are you planning to individually prepare for the new season?
– Of course. At the end of may has continued to engage in General physical training with the girls who remained in the South, went to the gym, ran, and the balls worked well. In June, a week or two rest, go home to Poltava as a very missed family. And begin to prepare for the new season. The plans I have for him, you might say, Grand, as, indeed, and the team.

According to the press service, VC Khimik

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