ESports emotions, future and marketing

The experts discussed the topic of eSports. Compare the virtual world with the classic sport, gave examples of their collaboration, and analyzed what the future holds for eSports and that he can give living competition. The panelists noted that competition between the two industries, though there are, but much more success they can achieve if they cooperate actively.

“I am glad to welcome all on behalf of the brand Parimatch. This is our fifth meeting. And during that time more than five thousand people took part in the educational project, which is dedicated to the development of sports marketing. Now the topic of our meeting is eSports which has become an integral part of the lives of millions of people, especially young people. This is the future. Have eSports has its advantages and its unique experience. And it is very important to understand how the virtual world can be useful for the development of traditional sports,” has acted with a salutatory word the representative Parimatch Vadym Misyura.

One of the leading experts in the eSports industry, Head of Esports Parimatch Stepan Shulga has told, what today is eSports, its benefits and what he have in common with live sports

“ESports brings together a huge number of young people. Coronavirus showed that everything should be online in: sales, marketing, sports… e-sports, it is primarily emotions and not computer games. Only 5-6 games out of the tens of thousands are eSports. Look at today’s young people, many of them don’t even know what disciplines are represented in the Olympic Games. They are interested in what near them, and this is the computer.” Classic sport need to understand that young audience plays games. And to organise their work based on this factor. please reconsider your attitude towards SMM, hire good professionals for this job, analyze which of your athletes have playing. You cannot spend once some tournament during the quarantine, it is not anywhere to show, not pushing and think “now that our club is in eSports”.

In parallel Stepan Shulga looked at your stream in twitch and sometimes read the comments of viewers who go to feel the atmosphere of the meeting. “Smelt of mothballs” – so responded one of the users on recollection when we used landline phones with rotary dial numbers. Or “Throw off then this video will show bath, so he was aware of”, it was a comment on the video about the rules of CS:GO.

Stepan Shulga gave an example of how the French PSG have increased their brand awareness in China by 20% thanks to eSports. The football club became a partner of the Chinese eSports organization LGD Gaming Dota 2. Team PSG.LGD achieved instant success, winning two of the prestigious tournament. Now China merch with a logo PSG enjoys an enviable popularity, even in people who have no interest in football.

Vladislav shovkovskyi, President of the Ukrainian Association of electronic football, explained what are the differences between eSports games and simulations and how they depend on the living activities.

“Sometimes sounds are of the opinion that sports games and eSports are one and the same, but it is not. Explain the example of Dota 2 and FIFA. Dota 2 is free, only updates are released that change the mechanics. You can play on your computer or laptop. FIFA paid, you can form teams of former and current players. For playing FIFA used PlayStation and Xbox. Dependent live FIFA football will disappear he will disappear and cyberpatrol”.

Denis “Phoenix” evtushik the best player of Ukraine in the FIFA version, added Vladislav shovkovskyi and develop a theme as a direct participant of competitions:

“At FIFA its vector of development, it depends on football in General. Cyberpatrol not a replacement football. Although they compete. In football, many are afraid or shy to play, but behind a computer all uncertainty disappears. There is a distinction for the viewer. Match cyberpatrol lasts 15 minutes, but the game more interesting, spicy, with pressure and scoring chances. This classic-football will not. You can even see in the game’s legendary players of all generations.”

At the end of the meeting, the participants noted that although e-sports and classic sports are developing in parallel, they have something of each other to borrow. And because cooperation and exchange of experience can give both industries a major boost to development.

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