Enthusiasts are lining up to buy the slowest laptop in the world

On Crowdsupply crowdfunding platform more than a hundred users have already collected for the project notuce “MNT Reform” of $125 thousand, despite the fact that requested only $115 thousand to the end of the fundraiser even more months. Tech enthusiasts literally Queuing up for a new laptop although it is unlikely to reach the levels of even budget builds. Why is there such interest?

In the basic configuration MNT Reform has only 4 GB of RAM, processor ARM Cortex A53 (similar to Raspberry Pi 3), 12.5-inch Full HD display, five USB ports and the Ethernet network connector. Hard drive 1 TB, as well as the module Wi-Fi, need to pay separately. But the laptop comes with a preinstalled Debian GNU / Linux 11 on the SD card.

For all this “splendor” offers to pay $1500, but it’s for a complete Assembly. For $1300 you can buy a set of CPU+memory+the OS, and for $999 and did get a set of boards that the user is free to collect himself. This is the essence of the product, its main advantage over the 18 months the German company MNT Research GmbH have created the most simple, versatile laptop is fully compliant with the open source.

It is not subject to any restrictions on upgrading the hardware, installing programs and application, in addition to the current legislation. And this is the only laptop that is fully compliant with the Open Source Hardware Association. Logically, in the basic form of benefit from it a bit, but enthusiasts get their hands on interesting legal platform for any extensions and upgrades.

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