English game – new Netflix about the beginning of football

The sport was put on pause in the world, but that is no reason to forget about it. In a time when we are all locked in four walls, it’s time to reconsider, or rediscover for themselves good movies, including about sport. We continue our rubric “Kinosport”.

If the twenties and the forties of the last century called the Golden age of Hollywood, the ten-twenties of this century have a chance later to be called the Golden age of Netflix. The streaming company last year reached twenty billion dollars of yield – and I must give her credit, is still developing breadth and not depth. The profitability of the service is small, he still aims to diversify the genres and to attract top stars – and a TV series shot in order to please the most demanding audience, not to repel spent on taking money.

Only because of this world in this form could see the TV series “the English game”, released in March of this year. The Directors and producers of this product, tried once again to move away from goals, points and seconds, of interest only to fans, and to use sport as an opportunity to look at more global issues.

We all understand that conditional final of the UEFA Champions League 2014/15, goals from Neymar and Suarez in the goal of Buffon can enter into the memory of fans as a true classic of the Game, but the lover of sports game, nothing interesting will present. Once bought for millions of stars beat other stars is not something that will touch the strings of the human soul, in contrast to problems of social inequality, “the poor against the rich”.

The theme of “language games” on the transition of football as a game on a professional footing. The main character – Fergus Suter, Scottish footballer of the late nineteenth century, which is considered to be the first professional player. Fergus began his career in the football club “Patrick”, then moved to the “Darwen”, where he began to pay the money, and from there went to Blackburn where conditions were even better – it is not only the backbone of the story, but absolutely real career milestones of the player.

The plot – the confrontation between the elite and the “mob” of those who could be called white and blue collar workers, if the workers in Victorian England actually wore any collars. Football to 1880 years actually evolved from an extremely violent and dangerous amusements, during which the warring city tried to force the ball into a point, called the gates of rival, and often finished the match with killed and wounded. Regulations, rules invented by the English gentlemen: the graduates of Eton, owners of factories, factories and steamships. One of the major points – at least no less important than the normal height of the gate or the number of players per team – there was a ban on professionalism.

It soon became clear that the aristocracy at such input does not leave any chance of working teams. I seriously doubt that in our time the command contingent of the Ukrainian oligarchs are so easy to beat team of Ukrainian coal miners, but in Victorian England, with its cult of physical culture, the most ready to sport was ready exactly powerful. The reason is simple: they trained every day and was able to devote to the hobby a lot of time, while the workers labored six days a week, 12 hours a day.

Even the first FA Cup finals have been won by Amateurs, but very soon there is a conflict of interest. Appeared on the horizon tycoons are willing to pay the best players the game of football to assemble a dream team – and thus not just to challenge the gentlemen, but to be favorites in matches with them.

The British, in General, we must pay tribute: employment of players was resolved in 1895, the year incredibly early compared to, for example, with the Netherlands and Germany, which ran with this until the second half of the twentieth century. But by that time there were several scenes difficult for all actors, which is devoted to the series “British game”.

And entrusted it to the value of such a scale that their work has even reached the Guinness Book of records. Julian Fellowes filmed the “vanity Fair” was filmed “Titanic”, but the top of the fame achieved thanks to the “Downton Abbey”. The series, published in 2010-15 gg.. dedicated to the everyday life of aristocratic English families in the early twentieth century and received three Golden globes, 15 Emmys and a place in the Guinness Book of records as the series, received the highest praise from the critics. Without the “Emmy” was not Fellowes, who received an award for the script.

And, behold, a man, superstar the world series, probably the best specialist in the world to remove about Britain of past centuries, took up the single specific topic, the emergence of professionalism in football. What happened?

Went out in the first place, is incredibly pleasing to the eye the series. By Velloza know, the actors or the budget, but it looks like a “English game” in all components of amazing organically – whether it’s a pub where they sit after the match, simple laborers or luxurious house, which sit dressed nicely and aristocrats. The brightest, in my opinion, the scene of the series: the game of Billiards between Suter and the best player in the rich Arthur Kinnerton with parallel dialogue. This game was a field that allowed the plebeian and Patricia to talk the same language.

Of course, “the English game” – more than just showing pretty pictures. He really talks about the turning point that football remains mainly in its history – the power of fans goes to a Pro, which is slowly going to the stadiums. “What we came up with the rules, not make our game,” says Kinnard, which for 33 years has led the Football Association organized the first ever match between and five times won the FA Cup. He had the moral strength for the development of the game to give primacy to the football to the professionals, although he could not understand that sooner or later it will strike him and his team from the circle the best…

And, perhaps, the “English game” could not only be interested in football to a mass audience, but, on the contrary, to raise complex and the eternal theme for fans. Some players are constantly in conflict with their wives, because they can not because of football to find a “normal job”; others are in conflict with the same Sterom due care in Blackburn, because I think this act of betrayal. Without the thousands in the stands and millions on account of the players really become closer to mere mortals characters, their problems, you can try on.

Show the soccer spectacular and realistic – a headache for anyone who takes the topic of football movie, but the creators of “language games”, the situation was special. Football 1880-1890 years.. have not seen anyone living, stories about him akin to the myths of ancient Greece – and even fellows could poizgalyatsya certainly more than the Directors of the conditional “Goal!”. Gotta give Julian credit, the match is not reminiscent of Shaolin soccer, Bicycle and rabon you will not see. On the contrary, the game shown is excessively harsh, it is logical to just spin-off from the Rugby sport.

In General, the series is filmed so that the fans should start to rejoice that such is generally someone shot, then admire the quality of moments – and then something to criticize. To criticize, however, is for what.

Fellowes is clearly not fully grasped the reality of the sport from the late nineteenth century: in particular, at some point one of the heroes of Blackburn Rovers FC team give up alcohol in the pub with the words “prohibition!”, and does it after the disqualification – in the hope of a return. With all due respect to the professionalism of the British players of the time, it’s just funny – at least in a country where, even in 2020, the year the leader of the club in the Premier League comes to the violation of the regime during the quarantine. On Gascoine and other alcoholics twenty-thirty years ago, I generally keep quiet…

Well, as often happens in the same sport, the shortcomings of the stars come from its merits. The characters behave too theatrical: definitely not the case, would behave as a simple uneducated laborers or people who are accustomed to solve almost all their problems with money or orders. When it comes to disqualification Blackburn for violation of the regulations, one of the characters says: “We also play by the rules when eating at the end of the day lobster”. This is a prohibitively naive: first, the physical readiness is not exactly dependent on the availability of lobster in the menu, and secondly, no millionaire will never think in such categories, and most importantly, “Blackburn” just broke the rules, which everyone knew before the start of the draw. The limit can also be unhealthy restriction, but does this mean that in the current season any club can break it?

The creators of the series are very loosely treated with the prototype – to the extent that mixed two won “Blackburn” Sutera-finals of the FA Cup in one – but in the rush I would have supported them. It’s one thing when distort reality in the case of figures Pele, Senna, Yashin and quite another when doing the same in the case of long-forgotten events of the last century. The same “Blackburn”, now sadly floundering in the championship, should be grateful that people from all over the world, there is one additional Association with “vagrants”.

The beauty of the Internet in General and Netflix in particular – that they give are absolutely niche things, for fans. On the classic TV 20-30 years ago there would be no chance for the emergence of this “English game” – and it would be fair, because at any particular moment would be more interesting to a mass audience movies and TV shows. No rough edges there were, but the fellows gave their fans one of the most exciting and high quality football series ever.

Episode: “the English game”

Genre: historical drama

Year: 2020

Sports: football

Evaluation Of “Kinosport”: 9/10

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