English fisherman found in the river sacred the mysterious cubes from India

The story of the robbery of the former British Empire to their Asian colonies, has sometimes a very unusual consequences. In Central England, on the banks of the river Sow, near Coventry local resident will Reid while fishing found in shallow water, the pile of strange dice. They are made of lead and striated strange symbols that suggests a religious purpose items.

By means of an open survey on the Internet found out that the symbols of Hindu. Probably, the cubes were brought from India to England, but due to the lack of practical use were thrown out. This is the main mystery – yet no one has been able to unravel the purpose of these unusual items.

The symbols on the faces again, which pattern resembles Sudoku, as each column, row and diagonal give a single value. This suggests that the cubes are “antreme” – magical tools to focus and conduct various rituals in Hinduism. The material of the cubes, lead, in Hindu astrology is a symbol of Rahu, one of the parts of the moon’s orbit. Thus, it can be a Rahu Yantra, that is, the religious set.

Together with dice was found a coin, which depicts a many-armed woman riding a lion. It is a sign of Durga, the mother goddess, it is therefore possible that the blocks were intended for prayers in her address. While enthuasist speculate, scientists are trying to determine the age of the cubes. Latest voltampermetric method in the case of the lead gives an error in 150 years that may not matter if we are talking about several millennia. But what if the blocks were made relatively recently?

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