England started the Championship Leaguе

In England, there was an event that affected not only in the world of snooker. The first full tournament that started on the Islands, became the snooker Champions League. Rather, the name of the tournament otherwise: Championship Leaguе. But for us accustomed to sounds simply “Champions League”, why take this name for major.

The organizers managed to find a unique solution the restart of the season. Tournament with a group stage will allow players at least three matches. And the venue will help to control the spread of coronavirus. But let’s order.

Snooker Champions League – the tournament is not new, was conducted in 2008. The format was quite complicated, and suffice it to say that previously the event was held at the Golf club.

Things are different now. The tournament takes place on the “Stage Marshall”. A sports complex in English Milton Keynes. The organizers assure that players and referees, caught on its territory (about 3.5 thousand square meters!) and passed the test for the coronavirus, will remain there until the end of the competition. And, therefore, neither infect nor be infected will not be able.

But, of course, that’s not the case. Most importantly, perhaps, is that due to the format of society will acquire the desired games workshop. And, of course, fees. Although, recall, the tournament is still not ranking. However, a solid prize Fund: 218 thousand pounds. 30 of them will go to the winner, 18 – the winner of the second place.

Briefly about the format. 64-player World tour (including 11 of the top 16) are divided into 16 groups of 4 players. Each will play against each in the format of “4 frame”. I.e., the match can end in a draw – 2:2. The winner of the group will be snookered with the highest number of points (3 points for win, 1 for a draw). In case of equality of points, the main criterion is the difference of won/lost parties, and if this is identical, the counts face-to-face encounter. Well, if it ended in a draw, then look at the biggest break.

In the first 8 days of the tournament will be played matches of the two groups. Judd trump won their group with three victories. Although the maximum series was just 63 points. Monday was played also by the “group of David Gilbert”. He drew a match with Jack Jones, and another 2 match won, taking first place. The maximum break over Gilbert – exactly 100 points.

Tuesday, June 2, was the first surprise. Mark Joyce won the group Mark Davis, Michael Holt and Louis Hitdata. Joyce scored three victories with the score 3:1, simultaneously having one hundreds of the series. Also unable to continue the fight Jack Lisowski. As Luke Brasel, he scored 5 points, face-to-face society the match ended in a draw. But the highest break of the Belgian made 138 points, and the Englishman – 104.

Wednesday was also interesting enough fights. Ryan day and Kyren Wilson defeated Alfie Burden and played a draw with Jong Falanga. So their face-to-face meeting turned into a mini-final. Turned out to be stronger day – 3:1. In another group, the Joe Perry drew all three matches and first place went to the No. 84 world ranking Harvey Chandler.

Group 1 (Stuart Bingham, Ricky Walden, Jordan brown, Jamie Clark) – 6 Jun.

Group 2: Judd trump – 9 points. Elliot Slessor – 6. Daniel wells, David grace – 1.
Results: Trump – Grace – 3:0 Wells – Slessor – 1:3, Wells – Grace – 2:2, Trump – Slessor – 3:1, Slessor – Grace – 3:1, Trump – Wells – 3:1.

Group 3: Mark Joyce – 9. Mark Davis – 4.Michael Holt – 3. Louis Heathcote – 1.
Results: Davis – Joyce – 1:3, Holt – Heathcote – 3:1, Holt – Joyce – 1:3, The Davis – Heathcote – 2:2, Holt – Davis – 1:3, Joyce – Heathcote – 3:1.

Group 4: Harvey Chandler – 7. Sam Baird – 4. Joe Perry – 3. Mark King – 1.
Results: King Baird – 1:3, Perry – Chandler – 2:2, Perry Baird – 2:2, King – Chandler – 1:3, Perry King 2:2, Baird – Chandler – 1:3.

Group 5 (mark Selby, Liang Wenbo, Joe O’connor, Lee Walker) – 4 June.

Group 6 (Ali Carter, Matthew SELT, Sam Craig, Dominic Dale) – 8 June.

Group 7 (Barry Hawkins Anthony McGill, Craig Stedman, Hammad MIA) – 7 Jun.

Group 8 (Jimmy Robertson, Ben Woollaston, Liam Highfield, Thor Chuan Leong) – 6 Jun.

Group 9: Luke Brasel, Jack Lisowski – 5. Oliver Lines – 3. Robbie Williams – 2.
Results: Lisowski Lines – 3:0, Brecel – Williams – 2:2, Brasel Lines – 3:0, Lisowski – Williams – 2:2, Williams Lines – 0:3, Lisowski – Brecel – 2:2.

Group 10 (Ronnie O’sullivan, Chris Wakelin, Michael Georgiou, Kishan of Hirani) – 5 Jun.

Group 11 (mark Allen, Martin O’donnell, Michael white, Nigel bond) – 8 June.

Group 12: Ryan Dey – 7. Kyren Wilson – 4. Alfie Burden – 3. Chen Feilong – 2.
The Results: Wilson – Feilong – 2:2, Day – Bearden – 3:0, Day – Feilong – 2:2, Wilson – Bearden – 3:0, Bearden – Feilong – 3:0, The Wilson – Dey – 1:3.

Group 13: David Gilbert – 7. Jackson Paige, Stuart Carrington – 4. Jack Jones – 1
Results: The Carrington – Jones – 3:1, Gilbert – Page – 3:0, Gilbert – Johns 2:2, Carrington – Page – 2:2, Gilbert – Carrington – 3:0, The Jones – Paige – 0:3

Team 14 (Gary Wilson, Gerard Greene, John Ashley, Michael Mann) – 4 June.

Group 15 (Tom Ford, Robert Milkins, Mike Dunn Ian burns) – 5 Jun.

Group 16 (Neil Robertson, Kurt Matlin, Ken Doherty Ashley Carty) – 7 Jun.

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