England in numbers. Shadow stars in the Premier League

Right now, when top of the championship was put on pause of indefinite extent, duration, it’s best to study the statistics and at least try to understand who is weak and who is a fighter. Tactical geeks has recently prepared detailed statistics on who stood on the break of the season the Premier League – and we tried to tell you about its main surprises.

Crouching man hidden “Sheffield”

Let’s start with the basics: simple and not very advanced statistics. Know which team is leading in the number assigned in favor of a penalty? “Manchester United”, which even a bad implementation does not prevent to lead in number of goals from the spot. Of the ten attempts, the red devils have implemented six, while other teams not more than seven attempts (and five touchdowns in a grid). Team salsera more of all attacks? More all included in the penalty? Hardly…

Brutality first hold three teams, all three of the capital: at “Tottenham”, “Arsenal” and “Watford” 65 yellow and three red cards. And if the “hornets” just fighting in every sense of the word for survival, then for participants in the North London Derby is further evidence of the crisis. The “spurs” and “gunners” for a long time in the breakers, and in their case the card is rather a consequence of errors in the game that lead to a counterattack and forced the need to pluck them.

Twitter Arsenal

Liverpool leads the Premier League with 25-point margin, but the number of strikes he’s not even the second. “Red” is far superior to Manchester city, but it’s least expected – but second place Chelsea could be a surprise to many. Unfortunately for Lampard, the football is crucial as players and performers. Abraham and other young players on separate stretches of incredible, but at other times do not realize the simplest moments and that is why the “blue” are fighting only for the Champions League.

Revealing, by the way, that last shot is not a hopeless outsider, a “crystal Palace” Roy Hodgson, who once again quite steadily maintained its place in the elite. Moreover, in the penultimate place at all, “Sheffield United” – the main sensation of the season, which justifiably claims even Champions League. Nineteenth shock team is second just five points with one match in hand – such is the statistical paradox…

FC Sheffield United

Although there is no paradox and no – because it’s not important what kind of punch you throw, but what allow. The same “Sheffield” is on the last-place allowed strikes: 96 target less only Chelsea, man city and Liverpool. Dean Henderson English tradition already rasieren to the status of demigod, and certainly in the summer will go on increasing, but very low bandwidth “blades” tied for first place with the outstanding way built defense.

More than anyone in the target beat “Newcastle”, “Aston Villa” and “Norwich” (respectively 152, 148 and 144 of hitting the target), but it is of little interest. But the fact that Arsenal and Tottenham not far from outsiders (136 and 138), emphasizes the depth of the crisis… However, will not be repeated.

Indulgence for Otamendi and Sokratis?

You still don’t know what man city to keep Nicolas Otamendi? Meanwhile, the Argentinian is the best in the League starting attacks with long-range transmission. To their reach 90.7 per cent longblob Nicholas, while no other “real” defender is not even reached 86% accuracy.

In General, the accuracy longblob at the top of four of the player of “citizens”: for rodri go Otamendi, Gundogan and Fernandinho. Best player not from the “Ittihad” on this indicator – Wijnaldum with 86.5% of accuracy, and the best defender, van Dyck, only 85.8 per cent. It is clear that Otamendi is very often mistaken in choosing a position, and the blue moon in any case need a new Central defender, but the motives of Guardiola and the club management that provide the Argentine with new chances become clearer.

Twitter Manchester City. Nicolas Otamendi

Accuracy short and medium gear on a horse, of course, the goalies. Tom Heaton of Burnley’s can be proud that this component was not wrong at all never: 2/2 respectively and 159/159; from Vicente Guaita (“crystal Palace”) 174 the exact middle of the pass of 174, Pickford, Ramsdale and Gazzaniga only one inaccurate average herd per season. As for the far passes, the goalkeepers of the first two places of accuracy is two Brazilians, and here Ederson a whit superior to Alisson: 74,5% vs 74.1% of.

Okay, goalkeepers, which by definition is a huge part of gears give no pressure to rate pretty boring, take a look at outfield players. And here we meet again at the top of the defender with obvious problems when performing the immediate duties. The Sokratis Papastathopoulos when performing the secondary transmission of 608 attempts was inaccurate 26 – 95,7% accuracy! In the top five of all those Otamendi rodri and van Dyck, and still have Çağlar of Seungju (“Lester”) is one of the discoveries of the season, to which a claim of top clubs.

Again – and not talking about that weak game of protective Covering in directly the game would forgive him for the quality of the network average transmission. But such a skill at least allows the Defence to stay on the team that seeks to play a through ball control. Perhaps advanced statistics answered typical fan “That such lack of talent, Otamendi and Socrates make in the top clubs?”.

Twitter Arsenal. Papadopulos Sokratis

Short passes are too rare to have gathered qualitative data (none and 50 accurate not typed), so let’s get to the main losers Tiki-taki. It is clear that the worst accuracy of medium and short passes from forwards (in the case of longbotham dilute their goalkeepers), but even on their background stands out Troy deeney. The legend “Watford” even with average gear passes its only 61% of cases – probably for this reason, a variety of coaches at the first opportunity sent him to the reserve, despite the performance and cult among fans status.

Of stars very mediocre stats in the gear at the Forward. Pierre-Emerick has the average secondary transmission (77%) and just awful in the short and medium (respectively 17,4% and 52.6%). And only in the middle gear a good Trent Alexander-Arnold: the average gear he has a very decent 85.3% of accuracy, but in the short and long – 26,4% and 54%. This does not prevent the student from “Liverpool” to be listed on the level of the best right defenders of the world, but we must recognize that its status as Trent got through the volume, the beyond the physique. Exactly and technology 21-year-old the player is, where to improve.

Liverpool FC. Trent Alexander-Arnold

Shadow star creative

Another very interesting indicator is “SCA”, or “shot-creating actions”, actions, which can lead to shock. Passes, strokes, even strokes, after which was followed by another blow – that in the sum gives the opportunity to implement the attack. For the teams it certainly looks like yet another rehash of the standings (although it is evident Liverpool only in fourth place), but all the more interesting.

A leader in SCA – Kevin de Bruyne. Not surprising: the Belgian unequivocally one of the best players in the world, his creativity sometimes just admire. But then starts in surprise – starting with Riyadh, Mareza, which is the first after Kevin. No, it is clear that the Algerian is very steep, but two of the best creatives played in a team that did not even fought in the season for the championship – this is rare.

Further more interesting. Maddison third place, ahead of all-star Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham – it’s all right, “Leicester” in principle left to the quarantine above all these giants. But then there is Jack Grealish, Aston Villa who actually is fighting for survival! Midfielder “villeins” deserves criticism for failing to help out in defence, for sometimes too adventurous actions for violations of the regime, but, in General, it is understandable why this midfielder despite all this expect top clubs.

However, Griles there are more budget alternatives: Pascal gross of “Brighton” and emiliano Buendia of “Norwich” raspiarili much smaller (because not British), and go to the table SCA 5-6 places. And only then there are familiar faces of: Willian, Alexander-Arnold, Bernardo Silva, sterling, Ozil… Probably just what you’ve learned the three main contenders for the increase in the summer transfer window.

FC Aston Villa. Jack Grealish

In the case of any statistics we stopped. Perhaps it’s time to put an end to us. Statistics allows you to see what is invisible to the naked eye to see some things in a new perspective. No figures never give the full picture of events, but the champion of any League is determined after all by the numbers.

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