Elon Musk suggested that channelerotica to compete with his beloved snail, Gary

Drill company Ilona Mask The Boring Company declared intention to radically accelerate the pace of tunnelling. She needed new technologies and engineering solutions that have been proposed to develop third-party companies specializing in mining equipment and tunnelling. The main criterion is: participants need to outrun the snail Gary during the construction of the test tunnel.

Earlier, at the start of the Boring Company, Elon Musk was repeatedly criticised the speed of construction of new tunnels. He once said that even snails move 14 times faster. And therefore, compared with a snail, and even better to surpass it – already a good result. To prove all will have real competition with Gary, a real snail and a mascot of the company.

The competition is scheduled for next spring, their rules are not yet clear – in particular, how to force to go the distance the Gary. The rest of the participants will have to build tunnels with a length of at least 30 m and a diameter of 0.5 m. Inside the tunnel you need to mount the transport pad, the speed and accuracy of movement which also affect the victory in the contest. Open to all startups, inventors and trainers snails.

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