Elena Zelenskaya was diagnosed with coronavirus

Despite the easing of the quarantine, every day patients in Kiev and Ukraine becomes more. Test positive for coronavirus have received and Elena Zelensky — the first lady wrote in her Instagram account.

“Oslableniya quarantine not this means, scho COVID-19 the prisoner. Nebezpeka is not passed, won the about. Blige, than we can zdavatsya. Today I otrimali pozitivni result test coronavirus. Neocon novina. Especially given those scho I am my homeland prodemium detrimental usih rules – masks, gloves, contacts least… Odrazu say, scho pacuvius dobre, ale perebivay outpatient lkwfan, tolovana from NSA clew family section, not dwellers of narrati h on nebezpeku. Volodymyr I. diti Ter held testovania, CHN results negative,” wrote Elena.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Does, polirani Olena Zelenska (@olenazelenska_official) 12 Jun 2020 R. 3:58 PDT

Zelensky urged everyone to continue to adhere to precautions and wear masks in public places.

“I want dwellers as pam while yatala: sarano vrachati pillsthe! PowerToys to an active social life, pam of atimo scho from vascular us saleit not only the NKVD health protection and health protection nsic: bliskich, friends, colleagues I navti nieznajoma lyudin, Yak together with us de have LFT Chi state have cars on CAS in supermarket… Bagato hto kazhe: “Navso meni has a mask? I am afraid parasitica!” Mask in order not dwellers zaraditi NSA! Ti can not nobility about those scho nicolasa not vdovine godnic symptoms I… Buti NEBEZPECNY for quiet, hto charging. Mask in public f — TSE not tilki rule and shte th sign powagi to NSA people!”

I subscribe to every word the first lady and wish her a speedy recovery!

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