Electric Dyson all surpassed Tesla, but its production was canceled

Last fall, Dyson has officially stopped working on a promising prototype of electric car, determined not to show his creation to the public. Six months later, it became apparent that to revive the project would not, and therefore some of the details decided to declassify. Was built a fully functional prototype “N526”, which completed sea trials on the ground and showed impressive results.

The main advantage N526 – solid-state battery of its own design Dyson, which provide an impressive 1000 km course. And it is for the machine length of 5 meters, weight 2.6 tons and can accommodate seven passengers. Similar to Tesla Model X, the limit is only 400 km. Prototype accelerates to a hundred in 4.8 seconds and has a speed of 200 km/h, which is also more than the Tesla. In the movement of his lead two electric motors with a capacity of 200 KW.

As I told sir James Dyson, he was fascinated by the ability N526 to conserve batteries and to keep the speed over 100 km/h, quote: “frosty night on a country road with the included heater and radio.” The electric vehicle has received futuristic slim seats with improved lumbar support and could get the instrument panel in the form of a switchable hologram in front of the driver’s face. At least on a rare photo of the space behind the steering wheel is empty – there are no screens and sensors.

The main reason why the prototype did not become a production car is the high price. The cost of one instance of the order of 150 000 pounds, and the company that never manufactured cars, there are no opportunities to reduce the cost of their production. Accordingly, whatever good happened N526, to compete with Tesla or other brands are not. However, sir Dyson ready to share developments on the project to someone else tried to create their own electric car.

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