Electric car from Citroen Ami similar to the washing machine and only costs 6,000 euros

Last year, the automaker Citroen celebrated its 100th anniversary in conjunction with this event showing a conceptual electric vehicle Ami One. And now the tiny machine, which is not even officially referred to herein as “car”, went on sale for only 6000 euros. Ami is so simple a vehicle, according to French law they can manage even teenagers 14 years without a license.

As explained in the Citroen, they chose a concept is the complete opposite of the Tesla is expensive and prestigious electric vehicle they want to conquer the market with cheap and affordable models. Half a century ago, the iconic 2CV car Citroen has already proved the effectiveness of this strategy.

Power Ami just 8 HP, a top speed of 45 km/h trip distance on one charge of not more than 70 km But charging from an ordinary wall outlet in just 3 hours as a normal smartphone. He then replaces the entire instrument panel, is placed on a stand and displays the key parameters of the system. If we go quickly, it is enough. The vehicle is simplified so that the front and rear symmetrical, made on the same pattern and interchangeable. Both doors are identical, so the loop is on the driver’s front and passenger rear.

Citroen is negotiating to electric Ami sold in various shops and chain stores as a regular retail product. In addition, it is possible to rent for just $20 a month, like a Bicycle or is a metro pass.

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