Dynamo Rukh failed to score on return from quarantine

Ukrainian football, as well as the whole country, is on the way out of the quarantine. After more than two months of waiting, the teams returned to collective training process, but also not to delay the game set the tone, immediately appointed in their calendar the dates of the friendlies.

The right solemnly to commemorate his play on the field of capital stadium “Dynamo” them. V. lobanovskogo output preparation for the final stage of the season in the final cut was given to Kiev “Dynamo” and Lvov “movement” – “silver” winner of the last draw of the Premier League and current leader of the First League, respectively.

Mass trauma was accompanied by a training process of the “white-blue” before the match against rushing into “elite” division of the team of Yurii Bakalov. It makes sense to assume that this was the reason for non-standard solutions Alexei Mikhailichenko to use as a nominal right midfielder Vladimir Shepelev. By and large, from a tactical disposition of the people of Kiev on the field not gone early in the first half – wing was transferred to the area of responsibility of Canzeri, and Shepelev preferred to stay in the Central area, which also did not miss the opportunity to shift Benjamin of Verbic.

Freeing the flanks for their wingbacks, Dynamo has managed to build a good corridor for the delivery of the ball inside the penalty area, but in the final stage clearly lacked luck Nazario Rusin. Two true scoring chances, the Dynamo forward has missed before the end of the first half of the game.
Representative of the First League took a long time to neutralize the attack patterns of the opponent, so the offensive activity of the “movement” is often reduced to the banal throw into the forward line hoping for a single player to spearhead the attack – Daniel Every. The striker took part in the only really serious attack of his team in the first half, but after his pass the course could not get on target Boychuk, albeit chipped the ball over the head of Busan.

Immediately after the break, the coaching staffs of both teams began to produce a fully updated rosters, distributing evenly their substitutions during the second half. The number of stops of the game seriously has not brought down the high pace of the meeting so that activity substitute Carlos De Foam was almost the only occasion to discuss the football aspects. The Uruguayan even managed to disturb the woodwork Mysaka long-range shot that was closest to scoring after a moment for both teams.

With a low level of pressure from opponents, the team Bakalov calmly managed to keep their possessions intact, albeit in the final quarter hour was clearly evident that the physical condition of the “movement” is still far from optimal. Perhaps the coaching staff of Lviv residents still have time to make adjustments before the friendly game against Shakhtar Donetsk, which will take place in a few days, and we will see a more sustainable model from the representative of the First League.

Friendly match.

Dynamo Kyiv – Rukh Lions – 0:0

Dynamo Kiev: Bowen (Boyko, 46) Of Mikolenko, Shabanov, Priests, KENDZERA (Andrievsky, 68) – Buialskyi (Duelund, 58), Sydorchuk (Benito, 68) Of Verbic (De Pena, 58), Andrievsky (Karavaev, 46), Shepelev (Orphan, 74) – N. Rusin (Sol 58).

The Movement Of Lions: Mysak – Sakiv (Mysyk, 68), DUTs, White (Romaniuk, 77), Zastavne (Kopin, 60) – Martynyuk (Korobenko, 74), Brickner (The National Technical University, 58) – Tit (Ardishvili, 62), Boychuk (Kozlowski, 77), R. Rusin (Bilen’kii, 46) – Kondrakov (Kukharevich, 67).

Referee: Yevhen Aranovskyi (Kyiv)

Stadium: Dinamo im. V. Lobanovsky (Kiev)


Temperature: 10°C

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