Duzhe voroshnevo: Nastya Kamenskih, Monatik, Alla Kostromov TA INSHI Ukrainian zirki Prival vypusknikov s zakonchennym school

Pandemic coronavirus threw everyone knows, what does the Novi Veliki: Molod, dad, derzhavni nstitute, the system osvi. Of in particular, cohorts 346 thousands of Ukrainian vipusknik seredni SQL balisilica without occupano vipusknogo rain in the evening.

Dwellers patronati young, Monatik, Onuka, Kamenskih Nastya, Katya Kuchar, Olga Harlan, Anna Rzaev, Kate Slichenko, Alla Kostromov that Oleksandr Pedan recorded video z privtae, poradami, nastavovani for doroslovo life vipusknik. And also rospoli about Veliki I about those Yak utimate jitsu runaway.

Bereit ecology I do not handle frames

Shortages to vipusknik, space Onuka native 2020 year nepredskazuemym, absolutely neprognoziruemami I demo syurrealistichnymi. I zaklika vipusknik debate about the ecology of the country.

And dancer Katya Kuchar to raditi not staviti before him godnic frames I borders. Natali, I mrathi widely globally.

Robt Hoch something I don’t supinates

Model I veduchikh Alla Kostromov daє be called a few more tips, that his hour became Prihod I. Of in particular, to Radici are Robit though something, if ti does not do not you know, what are Robit, I ctco formulate, chogo ti want.

“The next question: not parvenue itself s himi. In the skin of its share. Parvenue lachey himself h themselves I namegaya skin day staviti krasou Versu yourself. I Ostanin: not bisa for change. TSE fine — prokinetic ere the middle of life I understand, scho ti hochesh zaymatysya cimos him. Nod TSE potrebu an hour wlsocket his”, — kazhe Alla.

Blogeri I paprika Kate Slichenko to raditi not betrachte zhodnogo day shukati much myself I razumeti scho in it dovedetsja popracovat, abi chogos dosiahnutie.

And gymnaste Anna Rzaev kazhe, shcho Varto write in itself I svoï Seeley, navti if CLI world against you.

The forward extend pereshkod I dosagethe Mriy

“Ti — TSE into the future. Nacho the country into the future, into the future vsogo world. I newerlive scho speaking INSHI, just pam yatai, scho ti mozhesh all, and your CLI — out forward extend pereshkod”, — daє zastanowi the graduates Nastya Kamenskih.

And Monatik to raditi docility I rasslablyatsya have dorosoma it, Yakima bi vono Bulo not skladnik.

Let’s digitise!

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