During the protests in new York, looters ransacked stores in Manhattan

In new York city during protests related to the death of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis, the marauders began to plunder shops. About this June 1, said channel CBS.

Reporters of TV channel got video evidence of the looting.

There are reports of robberies of stores in new York’s SOHO and Chelsea. According to various sources, among the looted stores were Michael Kors, Nintendo, Kate Spade, Duane Reade, AT & T, Chanel.

CBS notes that many of the stores didn’t work because of the pandemic of coronavirus, some of them already can not open.

Protests in the US began after may 25 after a tough police detention in Minneapolis died African American George Floyd. The patrol suspected him that he paid with a fake $ 20 bill. After the death of the men began to riot. Demonstrators took to the streets and began throwing the police with firecrackers and bottles. During the protests were looted shop, unknown persons set fire to several industrial and commercial buildings, as well as a police station. One person was killed. Native of Floyd appealed to the protesters asking them not to allow violence.

The government decided on the introduction of the national guard. May 29, the court arrested the police Derek Shovina, which used a rear naked choke against Floyd.

At least 40 cities introduced the curfew, the national guard entered the city and 23 States and in Washington.

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