During telephone conversations trump called Merkel “foolish”, may “fool”, and Kim Jong Ynu boasted of his wealth and genius – media

The President of the United States Donald trump were often unprepared for the telephone talks with foreign leaders, and in some cases his manner of communication was insulting to the interlocutors, said on 30 June, the TV channel CNN, which became aware of the contents of hundreds of telephone conversations of the head of the White house.

Most often, according to sources, the channel, trump talked with the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Sometimes they were in touch twice a week. By order of the head of the White house , Erdogan could call him directly. The interlocutors CNN saying that the us President in the course of these talks was often shown incompetence in middle Eastern Affairs. Erdogan, in turn, constantly urged trump to go Turkey to make concessions.

Erdogan was so well-informed, when you can freely to contact with trump that some White house officials came to the conclusion that the Turkish security service in Washington monitored the schedule of the American President and passed this information to Erdogan. The Turkish President has sometimes reached out to trump, when he played Golf.

According to CNN, in conversations trump regularly abused and humiliated major U.S. allies – the leaders of France, Germany, the UK, Canada and Australia. For example, conversations with the President of France Emmanuel Macron has often resulted in skirmishes. Macron urged trump to change the policy in the field of climate change and the nuclear deal with Iran, in response, the U.S. President were having a “verbal spanking” and criticized a colleague’s lack of spending on NATO and too liberal policies towards migrants.

But his most harsh attacks were aimed at two women – former Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, turned out the TV channel. Trump called may “a fool”, said she was vulnerable and brave enough, and Merkel was called “stupid” and claimed that “it is in the pocket of the Russians.” The source CNN described the communication style of the trump Merkel very aggressive, and Mei – humiliating and mocking.

The source channel in Germany said that the tone of trump’s statements were so “unusual” that Berlin has taken special measures to classify the content of the conversations.

According to interlocutors CNN, in discussions with trump Merkel remained calm and unflappable, and Mei began to worry and nervous.

To negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin trump, according to CNN sources, too, are practically never prepared. During the calls, he talked mainly about himself, about his “unprecedented” success in the development of the US economy and humiliated its predecessors, calling them “weaklings” and “Imbeciles”. The sides of the channel believe that the trump seemed to achieved approval and admiration of Putin, while overestimate the role of Russia in the world and thereby “neutralized the advantage that America is hardly achieved during the cold war.”

In conversations with the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, trump also humiliated his predecessors, calling them “idiots”, boasted of his wealth, talking about his genius and achievements as President.

One of the sides of the channel concluded that trump was tough in telephone conversations with those who were considered weak, and weak with those who were supposed to be tough.

Channel sources doubted that, over time, trump has become more prepared to negotiate. Most likely, they believe, the President of the United States continues to believe that he can charm or intimidate almost any foreign leader.

After the release, Deputy press Secretary of the White house Sarah Matthews stated that trump is “the negotiator world-class”, who consistently promotes the interests of the United States on the world stage.

Billionaire Donald trump was elected President in November 2016, 20 January 2017 has been inaugurated. The next US presidential election will take place on 3 November 2020. Trump intends to take part in them.

Former US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton believes that trump is “not fit for purpose” the head of state. According to him, all actions of a trump presidency was focused only on his re-election.

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