During his historic descent in Crew Dragon Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley entertained a prank call

The specifics of the return to Earth of a spacecraft Crew Dragon from SpaceX is that you have locked on Board the astronauts have quite a lot of free time. Told Doug Hurley, party of the first commercial flight to the ISS. And talked about how he and colleague Bob Behnken whiled away the time capsule for the jokes.

Due to the significant optimization and automation of Crew Dragon, the astronauts during the flight is actually nothing to do. Or rather, nothing to do with control, but the control connection remains in their possession. So, to quote Doug Hurley:

Five hours while we were down in a space ship, we were called by satellite phone to all who were able.

Most interesting is that most of the subscribers did not initially understand exactly who is calling them. Astronaut Megan McArthur wrote on Twitter:

I received a call marked as “Possible spam”, but I’m so glad I still picked it up!

The fact that the telephone bullying from space confirmed at NASA, flight dispatcher Anthony Varaha tweeted:

I got a call from our guys, when was at the controls of the flight. They said into the phone “hi, this is Doug and Bob and we are in the middle of the ocean.” I remember, I replied, “Yes, I see.”

Doug Hurley did not specify who they’ve reached and how many have chatted, saying only that “It was funny!”. Because calls were made through satellite communication system, the bills must go out a lot. Hurley mentioned that it should be transmitted directly to the CEO of SpaceX Elon musk.

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