Droplet glass Prince Rupert breaks a flying bullet pieces

Enthusiasts from the portal Smarter Every Day conducted an interesting experiment with a known physical phenomenon called “the drop of Prince Rupert”. This product is made of glass, which is formed when the glass mass is allowed to drain into a container of water. The result is a thickening with a long tail, which is so strong that it is impossible to break with a hammer. But what about a direct hit by a bullet?

Adam savage from the Mythbusters program conducted an experiment in which a blank shot at the drop of a firearm of small caliber. He used a camera with a frame rate of 15,000 fps to see the process in detail. It turned out that the bullet is powerless before the drop Rupert, however, sometimes provoke its detonation with the subsequent immediate destruction.

Feature Rupert’s drops is that when cured it creates a tremendous surface tension that is so strong that the kinetic force of a bullet is not able to overcome it. Moreover, the experiment with the shooting revealed that the bullet literally falls apart into fragments on impact, while a drop remains conditionally safe. But not for long – within seconds it destroyed itself drop.

The reason is that the vibration from the collision with the bullet spread on the surface of the drop and reach of its fragile tail. Broke, he releases the stored energy that literally blasts seemed such a solid drop.

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