DreamGlass – 4K augmented reality headsets, which don’t need a screen

Company Dreamworld launched through crowdfunding raising funds for the production of the new model headset. She is positioned neither more nor less, as a universal home media platform with support for augmented reality. It is still about simple personal gadget.

Headset DreamGlass 4K weighs 185 grams, is suitable for people with glasses and provides the effect of transferring the image from the display with a diagonal of 200 inches at a distance of three meters from the user’s eyes. Like its predecessor, the model DreamGlass Air, the product supports a viewing angle of 90 degrees. There is support for pictures as 4K and communication technologies 5G.

The gadget is positioned as a personal device, so the default image is displayed only on built-in screens and sound through the 3.5 mm Jack is supplied to headphones. You can connect your headset to a wide range of devices, it requires only the HDMI connector or USB C. This allows, for example, play console games, releasing a large home screen TV that simultaneously watching other family members.

Bottleneck headset – lack of abundance of special content for augmented reality for this platform. In theory, the system can adapt any data source like a film, game or educational application. But in practice, the use of virtual tools requires adaptation of programs for DreamGlass 4K. On a single charge, the headset will last up to 5 hours. Price of the device $379, delivery is scheduled for September 2020.

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