Dortmund – Schalke 4:0. LIVE

The Championship Of Germany. 26-th round.

Dortmund – Schalke 4:0

Holland, 28, Guerreiro, 45, 63, Azar, 48

Delaney, 53, Piszczek, 73 – San, 50

Dortmund: Burke – Akanji, Hummels, Piszczek – Guerreiro, Delaney (Balerdi, 68), Dowd, Hakimi – Brandt, Holland, Hazard (Sancho, 79).

Subs Not Used: Hitz, Goetze, Seas, The Rhine, Schmelzer, A Furia, Rasl.

Schalke: Schubert – Nastasic, Modibo (Matondo, 46), Kenny – Osypka, Mackenny, Sana’a, Caligiuri (Miranda, 76) – Serdar (SCHOPF, 74), Raman (Burgstaller, 46), Arit.

Spare: Nubel, Gregoritsch, Cutucu, Becker, Merkan.

Referee: Deniz Aytekin (Oberasbach, Germany).

Stadium: “Signal Iduna Park” (Dortmund, Germany).

82 min the TIME! The empty corner was in front of Holanda, but the cross from the right flank by Hakimi at the far post, after all, proved too strong!

82 min Massive attack to pass on the left flank of the guests failed. Attempts of wards of Wagner look extremely convincing.

 79 min SUBSTITUTION AT BORUSSIA D. Is the hazard game will continue Sancho.

78 mins Azar was on the lawn after a collision with an opponent. Ready to replace him Sancho.

 76 min SUBSTITUTION AT SCHALKE. Juan Miranda went on the field instead of Caligiuri.

 74 mins SUBSTITUTION AT SCHALKE. Serdar was replaced on the box under output Septa.

 73 min Piszczek badly performed sliding tackle on the opponent’s half, touching the ball with his hand.

72 mins Threw the doors of the Shubert, and then went to play the lead Hakimi on the flank. Got to the ball first fails to score!

71 min Inaccurately submitted Caligiuri with the standard, then the rebound was trying to catch Kenny, but he had a stroke, frankly, did not.

70 mins Knocked of Burgstaller with his penalty Dowd.

 68 mins SUBSTITUTION AT BORUSSIA D. Delaney was replaced by Belardi.


65 mins Even tall enough Holanda failed to reach the ball after a too high flow Azar from the left flank.

 63 mins ГГГГГГГГГГГГГООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Mayhem! Holanda managed a delightful through pass to the center of the opponents defense, and then Guerreiro no less beautiful managed outside of the foot to send the ball into the top corner!

60 minutes Holland had intended to bring one-on-one with the goalkeeper Brandt, but sent the ball too much in the front line.

57 min. Brandt had to foul against lay dribbling on the left flank of the attack Arita.

55 min. TIME! Burgstaller unwound at the main entrance of the penalty area, then shot it into the hands of Burke!

 53 min Yellow Delaney was due to the go-ahead from the play in midfield.

52 min. Failed to obtain supply Oscypki from a free-kick from the left flank.

50 min., Sana’a, after all, did not leave the scene without yellow.

50 min. of the damage began a counterattack in the midfield Holland.


 48 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГОООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Another mistake Schubert! The goalkeeper was unable to parry outwardly simple kick from hazard from the entrance at the right side of the penalty area. Assisted a partner from the opposite side of the field Brandt.

 46 min REPLACEMENT FROM SCHALKE. Matondo and Burgstaller in the break out instead of Modibo and Raman, respectively.



 45 min. GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! Schubert is not celebrated with a ball away under pressure from Holland, after which Borussia unrolled a quick attack through Brandt, who led the breakthrough on the left flank Guerreiro, but the Portuguese shot inside the far post!

41 min. TIME! Head San was in the path the ball into the goal with a powerful strike from outside the penalty area from Daud!

41 min. DANGEROUS! Modibo rushed to block Hakimi from an acute angle on the right flank of the penalty area.

40 min. the track got arit long the transfer of Caligiuri from the right flank.

38 min. Some problems have Modibo with muscles arose. Wagner thinks you have replaced?

35 min. Hakimi Desperate jerk on the right flank and failed accurate cross into the box.

33 min. Canopy Guerreiro on the left flank was intercepted by the efforts of Modibo.


30 mins Schalke took the ball under control, but to build a quality attack in these minutes can not.

 28 min. ГГГГГГГГГГГООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ! Discount from Brandt on the right flank into the path of Hazard was developed an accurate low cross into the penalty area, where Holland is in touch sent the ball into the net!

26 min POINT! In response to the attack of Caligiuri was struck in the fall from the right corner of the goal! Burke repelled the ball with your foot!

24 mins MOMENT! Holland from a tight angle on the left flank free-kick struck powerfully into the net from the outside!

22 min hazard earned the standard in the fight against Serdar near the opposition penalty area. Hakimi broke the force, but Nastasic put his head.

21 min. Ramana was surrounded by four opponents, it was worth the Schalke striker to get the ball a good distance from the opposition goal.

18 min. single-handedly leads a team game favr. Schalke in deep defense.

17 min. Serdar issued a cascade of feints in the center of the field, during which several times got on his feet from rivals. Aytekin game still stopped.

15 min. Looking for Holland in the centre of the penalty area with his cross from the right flank Guerreiro! The defenders ahead!

13 min. is DANGEROUS! Hakimi put a dangerous cross from the right flank of the penalty area along the goal line! Mackenna sliding tackle took the ball off the feet of Brandt!

12 min. Penalty in gate of visitors was appointed in the end was not.

11 min. Holland somehow tried to close the discount to head of Hummels at the far post when submitting from the standard. If it got into the hands of Kenny with a very acute angle?

9 min: Hummels has played in advancing Arita at the side on the right flank of defence of owners.

7 minutes of Caligiuri powerfully struck free-kick, but sent the ball straight into the player’s opponents in the wall.

6 mins Dowd fine’s foul sent on the pitch Arita with his penalty.

5 minutes is DANGEROUS! Schubert dived at the feet of Holando, which broke through the gate through the right flank of the penalty area.

4 min. the Pressure in the penalty area from Arita and Raman ended only by a foul on Pischeka.

3 minutes of a Solo run with Brandt through the center of the field was stopped by San.

1 minutes long transfer from own half to go in the first serious attack failed.



On Saturday, the 16th of may, will take place the match of the 26th round of the German Bundesliga, which will battle Borussia Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen Schalke. The match will be held in Dortmund (Germany), at the stadium “Signal-Iduna-Park”, beginning at 16:30.

Pause in the championship of Germany was not allowed to conduct one of the most emotional rivalries in the Bundesliga. 156-m account “Ruhr Derby” will be the continuation of the season, which was interrupted by the pandemic for two long months. Like with a clean slate the teams will approach the final stage of the rally of the national championship. Initial positions for the period of forced rest has not changed – “bumblebees” chasing Bayern at the top of the standings, but the “Royal blue” is still an uphill struggle for the European Cup zone. will text broadcast of the match between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke.


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