“Don’t you think you guys talking about?” Shenderovich accused of assaulting several women, he warned about discrediting the idea

In Russia, several women were accused of harassment of the writer and journalist Victor Shenderovich.

First, the journalist Lydia Mikhalchenko on his page in Facebook reportedthat the actions Shenderovich injured at least three people, including herself.

“The three of us – ‘m not going to fight Olga, Maria Troitskaya and I, who are willing to state openly that at different times suffered from the actions of Shenderovich. Until March of this year, I considered him one of the best people in this world… We are ready to talk about it out loud. Yes, we know there will be persecution. But we are confident that even if the persecution and all of the following will cause us irreparable harm, it is still our words will be the straw, though not a decisive one, but one of those that sooner or later will break the backbone of the camel, the belief that women can be touched, to touch, to have sex without active consent, using a defensive reaction fading, and then say that “you wanted” and “all a misunderstanding,” wrote Mikhalchenko.


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