Don’t wait for the football until September. Chief medical of FIFA explained

The Chairman of the medical Committee of FIFA Michel D Hogue believes that football tournaments can be resumed not earlier than 1 September. In his opinion, the players who come into contact with each other during the matches, break the rules of social distancing:

“The world is not ready for the football competition. I hope this can change very quickly. Today, we need more patience. This is the dramatic situation in which we have lived since the Second world war. We should not underestimate the need to be realistic.

Football may resume only if the contact will be possible. Football remains a contact sport, and the first thing they say – avoid contact. We are talking about social distancing.

In addition, testing is another important point. The test must be repeated. If one of the players will give a positive outcome, have put the whole group on quarantine. But is that a solution for normal competition?

It’s not a question of money, it is a matter of life and death. You can’t play the Premier League matches, demanding that the players need to be at a distance of two meters from each other. You can’t ask Liverpool to play well against Manchester, when all players will keep a distance of two meters between them.

Have you ever tried to play football in the mask? But this does not exclude the social distance. We don’t know when the pandemic will reach its peak, but it will be different in each country. The solution will appear only when it will be developed an adequate vaccination program”.

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