Donkervoort has released the world’s first production supercar with a lateral acceleration 2G

The pilots of Formula 1 cars specially train the muscles of the neck to withstand overload of up to 6.5 g and not to pull the head on bends. But this is professional sports, the world of extraordinary speeds, the mass-produced sports cars where the indicators below. For example, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS produces just 1,24 g, but the new Donker D8 GTO JD70 it reaches as much as 2 g, which is a world record.

Such an impressive power provides 2.5-liter 415-horsepower engine from Audi, which accelerates 680-kg supercar to hundred in 2.7 seconds. Ceiling speed of 280 km/h. Impressive lateral acceleration is achieved at the expense of the ultra-light steering, the new suspension with double wishbones with adjustable damping Intrax and tires Nankang AR-1: 245/40. Brakes – 6-piston Tarox, the machine is equipped with racing ABS from Bosch, transmission: 5-stages mechanics Tremec, with the function of switching speed in low gears.

Light weight JD70 is achieved by the lion’s share of carbon fiber in the hull, but it is not a synthetic monocoque, here is the details of aluminum and steel pipe. Engineers have removed the exhaust pipe to the side to set rear carbon diffusers for an additional 80 kg of downforce. And carbon same blinds on the front wheels provide 50 kg of force. This allowed to abandon a massive rear wing, which gave the parasitic effects at high speeds.

The cost of new items is $223 000.

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