Doctors are forced to prescribe antiviral therapy, despite its uselessness

The doctors now no causal treatment of infections caused by COVID-19 – this opinion, speaking on the online forum “Pharma Week” June 19, was expressed by the Professor of Department of therapy, clinical pharmacology and ambulance, Moscow state medical stomatological University n. a. A. I. Evdokimov Oleg Taliban: “we Have a fiasco with etiotropic therapy of coronavirus. We have as yet no causal therapy for the disease.”

On hearing the General public such drugs from the coronavirus as favipiravir and hydroxychloroquine, but according to the doctor, pronounced clinical efficacy in the population they do not show. The hydroxychloroquine can not be called harmless drug in terms of adverse reactions. Despite this, doctors are required to assign their patients with a diagnosis of coronavirus infection and if you suspect it.

“Let’s put ourselves in the place of a specific doctor any hospital. For example, a patient a viral infection of the lungs and the doctor does not appoint him an antiviral drug prescribed in the recommendations of the Ministry of health, — said O. of the Taliban. — But the insurance company will not grasp what the latest data were published in “the Lancet”, it will simply issue a fine to the hospital because the medication was not appointed. Therefore, doctors are forced to prescribe antiviral therapy including where to nominate do not.”

The doctor emphasized that the data on clinical efficacy and safety of drugs for the treatment davidnyc patients are changing literally day by day, fewer working principles of evidence-based medicine, the increasing importance of private clinical experience private medical institutions. “This is something from which we always fled, saying that it is impossible to treat on the basis of private experience, but the epidemic we have returned to this way” — said the expert.

So, once again revised against the glucocorticosteroids (GCS). According to the data obtained by the research team of RECOVERY in the UK, dexamethasone, approximately one-third reduces the risk of death in critically ill coronavirus infection on mechanical ventilation.

“Who recommended the appointment of GCS in the early stages, with any recommendations the appointment or corticosteroids are contraindicated or not recommended or caution, reminded of the Taliban. But doctors all over the world they are appointed. And now, thanks to the RECOVERY, failed to prove that corticosteroids are not contraindicated in the coronavirus. Paradox: we are infectious disease and all treatment, which really helps, is directed to the fact that we’re jamming immunity”.

Similarly, according to Dr. in clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of a coronavirus includes the immunosuppressant tofacitinib: at your own risk began to appoint experts rheumatologic profile, the result of which was identified by its effect in coronavirus patients. In the process of exchange of experience between the hospitals this practice was included in recommendations for treatment.

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