Do you know the false rumor in the world? Pat Riley is retiring!

A member of the basketball Hall of fame, one of the most talented coaches in the NBA in history, a three-time winner of the title “coach of the year”, winner of 9 rings NBA champion continues to reinvent the basketball of the future.

A couple of days ago LeBron James during a briefing with the fans answered the question: he felt before the 6th game of the conference finals in 2012, year c “Boston”? “If we lose, Pat Riley will drive us all at once. And I didn’t want to. It could be the most unsuccessful project (“Big Trio”) in the history of basketball.” James was sure that in case of failure in a duel with the Celtics, after a confident 2-0 start “the Hit” lost in three matches and was in the verge of departure, Riley will trade him, or Wade with BOSH to other teams. “Not only that, “Miami” may fail, and my legacy will be put under the strongest blow, if I don’t show the best of yourself” – continued the player, “I had to lead our team to victory.”

For Pat Riley, it was one of the ordinary trials of his basketball career. In the end, LeBron did and he brought the club to two League titles in a row. And Riley began the era of the super-team, the transition to the tar-ball and designation of James as the best basketball player of a generation. But rewind time a little bit ago.

How it all began

A future member of the basketball Hall of fame was born in Rome (Rome), the state of new York, in a sports family. Before beginning his professional career managed to play in high school, “Linton” in the NCAA for “Kentucky”. In 1966 was named the player of the year in the SEC conference. While the University secured him the number 42.

Pick in 1967, the year he was selected “San Diego rockets” under the 7th peak. In 1970 Pat Riley moved to the “LA Lakers”, where he became a NBA champion, and finished his career in Phoenix. For the player’s career shooting guard scored: 7.4 points; selection 1.6; 1.7 assists in an average match.

Then there was a short basketball career in television. And now, in 1979, Pat Riley holds the post of assistant coach of the Lakers. That season (79/80) ended for the team from the city of Angels a huge success: the first seeding in the West, confident of winning the conference with a total score of 8-1 and the final victory over Philadelphia in the NBA Finals 4-2. This was the first year of magic Johnson in the League. And Pat Riley immediately won the championship, earning his first ring. But a year later there was a pretty funny incident, in the season of 81/82. So was born the era of “Showtime”.

West gave to understand that he will only assist Riley, and that Riley will be the head coach

Six games into the season 81/82 magic Johnson demanded an exchange because he was unhappy with the coaching approach of Westhead. Soon after, the owner of the Lakers, Jerry bass, fired Westhead. At the subsequent press conference, with Jerry West bass called West head coach. West, however, refused, and bass awkwardly tried to name West’s “offensive captain” and then named West and Riley as coaches. During the press conference, West hinted that he would only assist Riley, and that Riley will be the head coach. After that, Pat was the interim head coach, until his status became permanent. Riley opened the era of “Showtime” to the Lakers along with звtздным Duo magic-Kareem. The head coach became a celebrity and a style icon in their suits from Armani and with the slicked back hair that complemented the Hollywood image of the team.

Pat found a way to use the best qualities of his players, nicknamed “Showtime”: a quick attack when Karim was picked up, blew into the lead of magic, and one crossing the whole area, assisted in партнtра in a favorable position to complete the attack lay-up or dunk. Also, Johnson often picked up under his ring and he delivered the ball on the opponent’s field and fed the ball to a teammate without looking. When the fast break didn’t work out, took up the cause of Karim with his “One”.

This rapid style of play was inoculated to the team that is Pat. And this style allowed Riley to take his third ring, and his first as head coach. And again – in the first year of work in the new office! In the final they beat the favorite opponent of our hero – “Philadelphia”.

A good test for the coach-freshman: gained the support of the West, invented his system of attack, successfully butted heads with the incredible “Boston” by Larry bird. “I came, I saw, I conquered”. This innovation from the “Roman” brought to the Treasury “Los Angeles Lakers” three more Champions.

In 1987, Riley coached the Lakers, which is considered one of the best teams of all time in the NBA. LAL played: magic Johnson, James warti and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They finished 65-17 in the regular season. And in the playoffs bypassed the Celtics in six games. Riley was named coach of the year for the first time in 89/90 years, but resigned as head coach of the Lakers after they lost to “the Phoenix suns” in the playoffs. At the time of his departure, Riley was the first coach in the NBA with the level of fame that never happened since the days of red Auerbach.

I Packed one suit, one shirt and one tie for the trip to Dallas

At the helm of “new York,” the coach spent four seasons, which took the team to the conference finals and NBA finals. And in 1993 was voted “Coach of the year”. In 1995, Pat Riley led the Miami. With the scandal. Compensation in the amount of $ 1 million. And making enemies of both teams.

I propose to move in time in the 2004/05 season. It was then Pat Riley, President of the club has traded center Shaquille O’neal. This transfer was the most significant in the entire history of Miami. And already the next season, returned to coaching and showed the result 52-30 in the regular season. In the conference final they beat Detroit and in the NBA finals – Dallas with Dirk Nowitzki and company. After the sixth game Pat Riley said he Packed one suit, one shirt and one tie for the trip to Dallas. And more and is not required, the second consecutive game in Dallas was not needed. The final series score: 4-2.

And the Olympics came in 2008. According to LeBron James, then there was talk about creating a Great Trio on the South coast.

Back-to-back titles in Miami

“Not one, not two, not three…”, – we all remember these words of the newly made striker Hit his first press conference after the unification with BOSH and Wade. Then, in 2010, it seemed impossible: three stars, suitable to his peak of career combined into one team. Yes, and compressed in terms of salary! “Showtime”, the exchange of O’neill, and now, the creation of the “Great Trio”. It seemed that Pat Riley (then, President of “Miami”) has again done the impossible. When no one believed. And his invention again changed the NBA. The era of the super-team started!

However, the first pancake came out lumpy. “Dallas” took revenge in the final of 2011. And then the conference finals with “Boston”. The team was burning 2-3 and a trip to the “TD garden” could lead Riley to his first failure. But LeBron won that series and the championship.

Interesting fact: after the unification of the stars of “Miami Vice” barely shared the ball. And if the claims of Chris BOSH on the role of first violin in the team was a Ghost, then Wade and James could not share spheres of influence (which led to the defeat of the team Nowitzki and Kidd). Plus, the importance of the unexperienced coach Spoelstra was questioned. Well, where again without the authority of Pat Riley? He realized that James is able to bring the titles and knew how to do it (exchange BattIe and the transition to the tar-ball).

So the President influenced their long-time leader and “Flash” lost the reins of “the King”. Ongoing support to the trainer established discipline within the team (also, one of the reasons for the failure in the first joint season). And the victory over the “Boston” and “Oklahoma” approved “Miami” on the Olympus of the NBA. They have already confirmed the following year with a score in the regular season 66-16, won the second NBA title in a row and went down to history as one of the best teams in the League. Have you noticed, for the second one of the strongest teams in the League in the career of Pat Riley!

“It was a very bad summer”

After the defeat of the “San Antonio” LeBron James decided to return to Cleveland, continuing to build their legacy. And then due to medical reasons retired Chris BOSH. And in 2016, Wade decided to go to the team of his hometown. So “the big Trio” completely collapsed. Pat Riley kept Dwayne, offering him all possible money to the salary cap of the club. But Chicago could offer more, and the basketball player was leaning towards a move.

“It was a very bad summer,” – commented Pat Riley left the team of his friend. But he found the strength to move on. “Miami” became very uncomfortable opponent for many teams in the League. But Pat wanted more. And he risked and went on, risked and moved on. As always.

But it seems to me that no one was surprised how good of the downtrodden payroll average basketball players “Hit” again considered a contender.

Do you know the false rumor in the world? Pat Riley is retiring!

One of the best coaches in the NBA, Eric Spoelstra, basketball, Butler, dragic, Iggy – have this season. Yes, Goran’s contract will expire, but expire still about $ 45 million contracts. Which frees up the space under the second star on the team. Add to trained young boys in the children’s contracts: Nunn, Hero, Adebayo, Robinson, and we can get ready-made contender. In fact, it does not matter, Pat Riley will do this by signing a free agent or through exchange, in this or in the next offseason, the most important thing that you can count on. Butler believed it. Adetokunbo also can not believe Riley? I think “Roman”, nothing is impossible. And he proved it in his career. And, apparently, achieving success with this “Miami” – the most difficult test for our hero. Well, Pat Riley is a good incentive to emerge victorious this time! And you probably know the false rumor in the world. – Pat Riley is retiring!

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