Dmytro CHYGRYNSKYY: “For me every team is like family”

33-year-old Ukrainian defender Dmytro Chygrynskiy has signed a new contract with AEK, which will be valid until June 2021.

After the signing of Chygrynskiy told that the contract extension with the team and what he expects from next season.

Dmitry – this is the second renewal of your contract with AEK, your third signature. You’re already five years in the team. Now we can say that this is a big and important part of your career?

Yes, it’s true. I am very glad that we continue our history. Now, for me, is a special place. I am proud to be a member of this team, and, of course, I had no doubt I had no idea to what to change. As I said, we continue our story, I always look to the future and always hope that we will be able to achieve new goals. I look forward to next season. I think the football we played and results we had in the latter part of this year, give us good expectations for the next season.

– If we look at the last four years, what do you remember most?

Honestly, when I came I knew little about the club. I had to adapt to the team and to the club. I had to learn the history of the club. I have so many good memories. But I try not to look back. Certainly stands out the championship, which we won after all these years ( season 2017/2018) , and how many people we made happy was one of the most important achievements in my career. I have achieved a lot, especially in Ukraine, I won the Europa League, but this title was the most difficult! That’s why I could say that I felt more proud here. But it was two years ago. And I said that in sport, as in life, I don’t like looking back. We have to look forward to our new goals.

– Do you think we will again see the team of Champions of Greece?

I think that’s the only thing we have to think. We need to think about the best and to prepare. I saw how the team grew over the years. No matter who the players are, who the coach is, what conditions the club should always strive to be the first.

– You know I’ve seen this year? I saw Chygrynskiy became the leader of the more talked in the locker room played a big role off the field …

I don’t know… I never thought about it. I do not feel these changes, but they can come naturally. I’m just trying to help the team. Maybe you feel that way, but for me … Each of us gives everything. I don’t think I need to change something in yourself is something that comes naturally. You either do it or not. For me the main thing is to help the team. If the team wins, I’m happy.

– You signed a contract for another year, but I think your ambition is more, I want to play at the new stadium…

I told you that now I’m a little better know the traditions, history and importance of this stage. It’s not just a stadium, it’s like the symbol of the club, its history, this place, this area. And of course I want to be a part of it. To feel it, to touch it. Because I know that many years it will be a special place. I want to feel it, but I know that in sport and in life in General it is unpredictable. You can’t plan. You have to go step by step. My goal is to start well this year, to prepare and start with the team as best you can, and then life will show us the way.

– For a player who played in Barcelona, who won the Europa League with Shakhtar Donetsk, AEK Greek, how much space it occupies in your heart?

Very. Very much. Each player has its own story. But for me … I didn’t Have a lot of teams in my career, because to me every team becomes a family. I don’t just want to change teams to play with new contracts. No. When you come somewhere and feel that you are in your family, then you become part of something very important. I can only say that I feel part of the family here. You know what it’s like to feel at home … I Have this feeling.


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