Dmitry PIDRUCHNY: “IN the women’s team discipline problems”

The captain of the men’s team of Ukraine biathlon Dmitry Pidruchny in the framework of the program “Breakfast with Champions” has shared his opinion about the fact that next season Juraj Sanitra will lead the men’s and women’s team of Ukraine:

“Of course, there are pros and cons to this decision. But I think more pros.

Well, about that, will he have enough time for the men’s team, I think everything will be fine. He knows us well, we need not much time. Moreover, he will have assistants: two for each team. So I think that the problem will not be there.

A big plus is that we are one big team and I believe that it will affect the atmosphere inside the team and will help on starts. Moreover, now many mixed relay races where you have to run with a women’s team. Together need to train together to work out these issues. I think that his appointment as the chief coach will only be a plus.

An important role plays the fact that he establishes discipline in the team, and, as we all know, in the women’s team a little trouble with this. There were three or four coaches, each pulled their athlete, and it got to the point that I could not decide who to put in the relay, because one said one, and the second – another. Well, when one person to manage, I think, will be better.”

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